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Firefox Extentions: What Extentions Are Actually Useful?

by Bobby Wright

Mozilla Firefox has recently taken the Internet Browser war to the extreme. With flexibility and security, it is gaining in the market of internet users out there. Compared to Internet Explorer... anything is better than that. And one of Firefox's best known features is its wide use of Extensions, or plug-ins that enable your browser to do new things. Many extensions help out with your web browsing experience, while others are useful for showing quick information. I'm going to show you my favorite extensions and why they can be useful for you too.

1 ForcastFox: a little bar that you can move around and customize in your browser that allows you too see the current weather contidions in advance. It includes a 3-day outlook, current conditions, and a radar map for your local area that popsup when you hover over the icon.

also, Forecastfox Enhanced is available, which has a few things that some people like and dislike.

2 GreaseMonkey: Ever wanted to put your own live edits into a webpage? Add some javascript or take out a button just to make things easier? GreaseMonkey does just that. It is designed that way for convenience. And works with any webpage that you want it to. To start out with, go to and get a few scripts once you install GreaseMonkey. Then start codeing them yourself!

3 FoxyTunes: Are you the kinda person who likes to listen to music while browsing? I know I am. And with FoxyTunes, you can do just that. NOTE: This is not a media player, but a remote for your media player. What it does is sends the commands to your open Windows Media Player, Winamp, iTunes (i don't like itunes. okay...) and several more. Then you can pause, play, and see your songs right in your browser window.

4 Foxmarks: Okay, if you have multiple Firefox's (work and home?) then you will love this. Or you could just be like me, and you destroy your system every month or so. Foxmarks is a service that updates your bookmarks to a server for storage. And then enables you to synchronize them so you always have the latest set no matter what browser your at (if it has foxmarks anyways.) I use Firefox Portable on my flashdrive for when I am at school and home so my browser is always the same, but when I forget it, its always nice to have that to fall back to until I get my flashdrive back. GreyLite's Personal Favorite!

5 ChatZilla: Are you one of those people who likes IRC? I am. Constantly on the WikiMedia and my AuroHack Chat channels, I love using IRC. And when I just have my Firefox browser on my flash, I can just turn it on and instantly have IRC. It has all the features of a usual IRC client, and is very clean and well designed. It makes a great IRC client for anyone.

Well, I hope you get a chance to try those out. Maybe even find some on your own. You can search the Firefox Extension repository by clicking here. Enjoy!

Bobby Wright, the webmaster of AuroHack Group, believes in promoting open source software. He currently does webdesign and random projects on his sites.


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