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Intel Core Duo: Huh? What is it?

by Bobby Wright

Intel the most well known chip manufacture out there has been advertising for quite sometime about Dual Core and amazing new performance features. But really... what is Core Duo.

What it means is, that instead of just one processor inside your computer, Intel has combined two into one. Thus, creating a CPU that is able to compute twice the amount of everything that your computer does.

And then what I mean by the computation power is that every application that you run on your computer is created as a Process, and they are usually assigned one thread of space inside your CPU with traditional processors. But know with dual-core technology, they are able to take advantage of that and do what they have to faster and easer.

from wikicommons

What is the advantage of these? Well, lets look at this from a server point of view. You have a typical webserver that sends out webpages to clients. Now with a dual core processor, you can give each client a individual thread on the possessor. Giving them an faster turn around time on sending the webpages.

On a side note: Dual core processors do show up in most operating systems (Windows, Linux) as two prossesors. And if your OS is licensed by "per processor" like a small amount of people, it can pose as a problem. But its nothing to worry about, just something to know! (the more you know! :D)

and in all fairness, AMD also has several Dual Core processors out there too. I just used Intel as a reference.

Bobby Wright, the webmaster of AuroHack Group, believes in promoting open source software. He currently does webdesign and random projects on his sites.


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