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Christmas Shopping 2007 Part 1

by Bobby Wright

It's the holiday season. You have the lights up, the tree is decorated, and you have your cookies freshly baked. But oh no! You've forgotten the perfect gift! So lets take a look at the hottest PC Toys for 2007!

Item's Listed are a Personal Bias: We are not paid to list these...

Apple iPod Touch

$299 - Now, I'm not a fan of Apple products. Just don't like the whole fad thing. But yes, I have an amazing soft spot for this one. With new features like the Multi-Touch and Wifi Capability, this is a favorite of those who also have lots of music! Personally: I've tried the touch, and it's amazingly fast for something so small. The music quality is amazing,a nd with the built in CoverFlow™, it's a great gift.

Adobe Photoshop CS3

$650 - For the graphics enthusist, Adobe Photoshop is a must have. When it comes to professional photos, graphic design, web design, or anything at all: Photoshop is the way to go. Personally: I use CS3 for everything. I make my homework assignments for my English Class look amazing with the Blending Tools, and my web design would be nothing with out this thing!

World of Warcraft

$30 - If you haven't already known someone who is addicted to this, then you need to get out more. World of Warcraft is today's Top MMORPG on the market. With hours of gameplay on an online world, there is always something to do at 3 in the morning. Personally: I've never been a WoW fan, but with some of the latest stuff that they have added... I am actually considering playing my self. (i'd let you all know when I do). But for anyone else, this is a must have for any Online Gamer. ALSO: Consider for a World of Warcraft player buying them a Time Card!

2GB Flashdrive w/ Preloaded Free Software

$20 - Consider this: You have a friend or relative who needs a flash drive, you can just see it when they come to your house and try to download their photos off their email. So you think, "Oh, I'll get them a flash drive!" But how about this, open the flash drive on your computer and add some awesome software like Portable Firefox or an Portable Anti-Virus Tool. I recommend Portable for Portable Software. Then just tie a bow or ribbon on it, and add a candy cane. Then you have a great gift! Personally: I love doing this one. It's fun to do, and I get to add my own personal touch to it by making these!

Pinnacle Studio 11

$100 - Got a Teenager who is into the YouTube craze? How about this gift: A Professional Movie Making software. Pinnicale Studio is amazingly simple to use, and has all the professional things like Alpha (chroma key), and transitions! It's a must for any video designer! Personally: I've used Pinnicale for years at my Jr. High, and I loved using it to make the commercials we did on our Video Announcements! It's so simple to make a movie, you can do it in 20 minutes!

I'll be back with more Shopping Surprizes Tomorrow!

Bobby Wright, the webmaster of AuroHack Group, believes in promoting open source software. He currently does webdesign and random projects on his sites. And is now being told to get back to work and not to be playing on the internet by his CAD Drafting teacher!


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