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Oh No Robots! The Scounge of Spyware!

by Bobby Wright

Have you been experiencing issues with spyware? Your system seems to be slowing? Or just unexplainable circumstances?

Why bother paying someone 60$ to take 5 minutes and clean up your computer when you can do it yourself?

1) Lets Take a Look at some Symptoms

If you notice that you have new toolbars on your system, You Might Be Infected!

If you see popup windows even when your browser is closed, You Might Be Infected!

Your background is now saying that your infected with spyware, You ARE Infected!

You get popup boxes and Windows Notifications saying you need a spyware checker and that theirs is the cure all end all for your system, You Might Be Infected!

2) How about that? Your infected! Lets Get some Tools!

Personally, I prefer to use the following tools (we will go over them in a few seconds...

Lavasoft's Adaware Free, Avast! Antivirus, CCleaner, and MSCONFIG. All handy little tools I use portably on my flashdrive to clean up any system.

Lavasoft: Adaware Free

Once installing or launching this application portably, you can go right into a scan for infected files. The Scan Now button is visible and you typically should select Smart Scan as that will manage with most your problems. Once its done, it will show you a list with some Check Boxes. Check everything in that window and click Finish. Your cleaner now! On to the next Application!

Avast!: Avast Anti-Virus Home Free

After downloading and installing this application, you can rest assured that once you run this scan that this application will dive into your system and take out any threat. I've waken up in the middle of the night from it's optional sound notification of it going "WARNING! WARNING! A VIRUS HAS BEEN DETECTED!" (trust me, its amazing to wake up that way... haha) After which, the application will generally ask you to Chest (securly store the virus and disable it until Avast can send it to their company to make the product better) or Delete (remove it permenatly). This is a recommended application for anyone without an Anti-Virus.

Piriform Ltd: CCleaner

A personal life saver, this application installs fast, and provides the maintanance you need to support your system and remove most problems. The simple interface will allow you to remove Cookies, History, IE Addons (you don't want these) and many issues with Firefox. The application works in a matter of moments and cleans up and speeds up most of all your computer from most these issues.

Microsoft: MSConfig

We all have it. Open up the Run box from the Start Menu and type in msconfig. Once your there, go to the Startup tab and you'll see a list of applications. Generally, I just click Disable All. Do not disable any applications unless you know what they are. I recommend typing in their name into a Process Identifier (like ProcessLibrary) and seeing what it is before you disable the application. Other wise, turn if off if you don't need it at start up. Make sure to turn off any thing with the word Helper in it. (those are just annoyances that waste memory).

Good Luck! And if you have problems or issues; Talk to us on our Mailing list: PCSOFT!

Bobby Wright is the son of Bob Wright, and works for himself at AuroHack Group LLC. He currently is attending High School in Boise, ID and loves the internet, as we all know its just a series of tubes.


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