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ASUS EEE Netbook stand alone keyboard PC

by Bob Wright

The current craze in PCs is the NETBOOK. Usually a 9" or so laptop type PC that is not intended for gaming or other high processing functions. The Netbook is as it says, intended for using the World Wide Web, or Web for short.

Most of today's PC users only know the Web for email, browsing and their entire Internet experience. That is why it was an obvious hardware solution to create a laptop that has little hard drive space, is small for ease of transport and locks on to WiFi hotspots, with 802.11b/g.

On a personal note, I acquired an ASUS EPC1000HA-BLK001X Eee PC with 160G HD and WindowsXP, netbook. Amazing little travel PC. Most Netbooks have limited HD space, so I choose this jewel with 160g HD and 1g ram. The only thing I miss is a CD or DVD drive. But, it comes with USB ports, so I can use a stand alone DVD drive, that I have on the shelf.

Most of these EEE Netbooks are small, with 7", 8" or 9" screens... but mine has a 10" screen. Okay, it could be smaller, but it still is a great carry about PC, as apposed to my 17" laptop that is twice the size and weighs more than twice the Netbook.

Here is a great little movie clip of my Netbook I found on YouTube:

But, now ASUS has gone a step beyond. A keyboard with a small screen onboard, a screen very much like that of an IPod Touch, (both of my sons have an IPod Touch, so I am very aware of them).

But back to the new ASUS EEE Keyboard. In my opinion, this netbook is just what it seems, a keyboard. It requires that you have it connected wirelessly to your TV. It does not allow you the freedom that the EEE specification for Netbooks was intended, with their included screens. But, I found this YouTube video that is a great analysis of this unit and you can decide if this is a poor use, (in my opinion), of the Netbook experience:


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