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Ultra-X's Quicktech98 Diagnostic software

by Bob Wright


March 12, 1999

Ultra-X's Quicktech98 Diagnostic software

For several years I have used Ultra-X's QuickTech software to diagnose problems with PCs and to run as a burn-in utility. So, when I had the opportunity to test and review the latest version, QuickTech98, I was very interested to see the improvements.

This simple to use utility runs from a floppy disk, a 1.44mg 3.5" disk. I have always liked that about this utility. Handy to have on hand and easy to transport into the field. This newest version recognizes MMX, PII, AMD K6-2 and Cyrix CPUs. It still has all the functions I have always like about QuickTech, the ability to test quickly and easily all the hardware in a system that is bootable. Of course that is the big issue with a software diagnostic tool, if you cannot boot the system, you cannot use it.

The diagnostics run very quickly and you can test an entire system in less than 20 minutes. The software tests the major components, including Base and Extended RAM, External Cache RAM, Hard, EIDE CD Roms and Floppy Drives, Video Card and Monitor, Serial and Parallel ports (with loop backs), Keyboard, and even the system’s printer. It also tests all the memory algorithms in multiple patterns, those nasty little memory problems that will cause Windows GPFs, (the "blue screen of death"). It even tests CD Rom drives without the need to load a driver.

Self Booting
The nicest feature about this product has always been it's independence from an operating system. You just pop the floppy disk in the drive and it boots, totally independent of any software on the system.

QuickTech98 has the a burn-in function that allows you to choose any or all of the tests to be run in a long series of tests. When building a new system or checking the integrity of an existing system, this is an excellent feature. There are enough loops in the burn-in function to allow a system to be tested for days.

Final Analysis
My final opinion of QuickTech98 has to be a solid recommendation and a hearty thumbs up. If you build only a few systems a year, if you are a tech in the field or run your own shop, this is a must have product. My only regret is that Ultra-X does not offer a small simple shareware or demo version for the beginner computer builder to use to burn-in their systems.

This one is a strong 9 on the scale of 1 to 10.

Bob Wright is the founder and President of
The NOSPIN Group, Inc.

The NOSPIN Group, Inc and staff receive no financial or other rewards for our opinions and reviews.


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