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Create and Manage Subfolders in My Documents

by Jim Meagher

The file open and file save dialogs for any windows based program will pre-filter the list of files to display only the files created by that particular application. Even so, this filtered list can become very large and unwieldy after a period of time.

This handy little tip will help you create subfolders within the MY DOCUMENTS folder so that you can add a little more organization to your file storage system. In a business environment, you may want to create a separate folder for each major client, or for special projects. For a home system, you might want to create individual folders for Mom, Dad, and the children’s homework.


  • Open the Windows Explorer.
  • Locate and double click the MY DOCUMENTS folder icon in the left pane of the Explorer window. (This will open the folder’s icon to reveal any subfolders that currently exist within it, and display it’s contents in the right pane of the window.)
  • Move the mouse pointer to the right pane and while pointing to empty white space, click the right mouse button.
  • Select (click) new in the menu, then select folder.
  • Press the backspace key on the keyboard to remove the current name.
  • Type in the new name and press the enter key to lock it in.

  • Point to the file’s icon and click the right mouse button and continue to hold the button down.
  • While holding down the right mouse button, drag the file’s icon to the folder and release the mouse button when the file icon is directly over the folder icon.
  • Confirm that the file is going into the correct folder, then click the move here option.

note: Mulitple files can be selected in step 1 above by using a click/shift-click or a click/ctrl-click selection process.

To select a series of consecutive file names:

  • Point to the icon and click on the first file in the sequence.
  • Point to the icon for the last file in the sequence and then press the shift key while clicking the left mouse button on top of the file’s icon.

To select non-consecutive filenames:

  • Complete the above steps to select all consecutive file’s first.
  • While holding down the ctrl key on the keyboard, point to and click on the icon for each additional, non-consecutive file to be selected.

After all files have been selected, point to any one of the selected icons and then click -and hold- the right mouse button while dragging to the correct folder (as in step 2 above.)


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