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Windows98 Control Panel

by Bob Wright

Windows98 Control Panel

Windows 98 has incorporated many new features that can be configured by the user to make Windows 98 behave in a manner that best suits your working habits. A great deal of this control is contained in the Windows 98 Control Panel applets. There are 25 control panels in Windows 98. Here's how you access them, and a brief description of what each one does.

To access the Windows 98 Control Panels:

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Select "Settings" then "Control Panel"

Windows98 Control Icons

Accessibility Options:
lets you configure options that make the mouse, monitor, sound devices and keyboard easier to use for those who are physically

Add New Hardware:
Invokes the Hardware Setup Wizard to help you with the
installation of sound cards, video boards, DVD players, TV cards, modems, PCMCIA controllers, SCSI boards, mice, printers and a wide range of other hardware devices.

Add/Remove Programs:
From this control panel, you can install or deinstall any Windows 95 or 98 program that bears the "Designed for Windows 95/98" logo. You can also install or deinstall various optional components of Windows 98. In this area, you can also create an emergency startup disk that can be used to start your computer in an emergency.

Allows you to adjust your computer's internal clock and calendar.

Desktop Themes:
Controls a combination of custom sounds, icons, screen savers
and colors that are displayed on your system.

Controls your monitor settings, such as color depth, screen resolution, and the energy saving capabilities of your video display unit.

Allows you to safely install or remove different typefaces from your system.

Game Controllers:
This applet allows you to configure and calibrate
electronic game controllers such as flight sticks and joy sticks.

This control panel lets you configure any Windows 98 compliant
wireless device

Controls your setting for the Microsoft Internet Explorer, newsgroups, home page location and electronic mail

Lets you adjust properties such as the repeat rate of a key when
held down, and the cursor blink rate.

If you have Microsoft mail, or another mail service, this applet lets you define profiles to use with those services.

Microsoft Mail Post office:
Allows you to administer a MS Mail installation

Lets you add and configure modems and other communication devices on our system

Sets the speed of motion, button function, double click rate, and
cursor appearance.

Allows the configuration of Audio, CD, MIDI and WAV sounds.

This control panel has the settings for a network adapter and the
network languages that are used to communicate with other computer systems.

Allows you to create or change logon passwords for the PC, or your network password.

Allows you to start and stop PC card services so that PCMCIA devices can be removed or added to the system without a reboot.

Power Management:
Lets you control the power saving features of your PC, such as how long the system waits before spinning down the hard drive. This feature is more applicable to laptop computers where power usage is more critical to system function.

displays the properties for all the printers installed on your

Regional Settings:
Sets the options for how Windows 98 will display dates, times, numbers and currency.

Allows you to associate WAV sound files to different system events.

Allows you to manually change hardware settings, and to initiate
performance tuning operations.

Controls dialing features of TAPI devices that are dependant upon the phone system.

Lets you set up your PC for use by multiple users, each one havingtheir own customized look for the desktop.

* It is important to note that these are the only Control Icons Windows98 adds to the control panel. Other icons will appear and are installed by program software packages, such as:

  • Windows98 Powertoys
  • Wingate
  • Real Player
  • Quicktime
  • VPOP3
  • and many others...
** It should also be noted that Windows98 Powertoys, (found on the Windows98 CD), creates an Icon in control panel called TwekUI. Inside this control icon is a tab called: Control Panel. You can stop icons from displaying in Control Panel by unchecking the appropriate box for them.


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