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Speed up Windows by stop loading programs

by Jose Dominguez

SPEED UP Windows95/98
stop loading extra programs
a tech tip

by Jose Dominguez
July 12, 1999

Got those start up Blues?

Loading Windows taking too long? Well there might be something you can do about it.

Whenever you install a program or an application and choose “Typical” or “Recommended” as the install option, some programs will load parts of themselves along with Windows. For example, Office 97 loads Find Fast, Office Startup, Office Shortcut Bar. Some of these can be removed from the Startup Folder, some cannot, they are hidden. How to get rid of these pests slowing you down and utilizing precious resources?

If your running Windows 98 this task is pretty simple. You click on Start, click on Run, type msconfig, click Okay. A Window will pop up, click on the Startup tab, there you’ll find everything that’s being loaded. Remove the checkmark from any of the boxes and the next time the system is booted the particular file will not load.

Unfortunately, msconfig will only get you a “cannot find the file” error in Windows 95. No need to panic, you can still see the files that are being loaded and remove the ones you don’t want, only the process is not as simple as in Windows 98 since it’s done in the registry.

  • Click Start, Run, type regedit, click Okay.
  • Click the + to the left of the HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE folder, it will expand.
  • Click the + to the left of the SOFTWARE folder, it will expand.
  • Click the + to the left of the Microsoft folder, it will expand.
  • Click the + to the left of the Windows folder, it will expand.
  • Click the + to the left of the CurrentVersion folder, it will expand.

Once it expands you'll see the Run folder. Click it once to highlight it and in the pane on the right you'll see everything that's being loaded. If you highlight RunServices, you'll see the services that are run on the right pane.

Click the files on the right pane to highlight them and delete, the file will not load again.

Unlike Windows 98's msconfig where you can replace the checkmark and have the files load again, in Windows 95 the change is a permanent one, be careful.

If this appears to be too complicated there’s a little utility that can do the dirty work for you. It’s called StartEd and can be downloaded from our file download area.

Again, be careful when making changes, a registry backup is not a bad idea before playing with the registry.

You will find all this ready for download on
The NOSPIN Group files page!

Jose Dominguez
July 12, 1999


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