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2009/10/12 by Bob Wright
ASUS EEE Netbook stand alone keyboard PC
Bob Wright takes a look at the new Netbooks and their EEE specification. Bob shows his bias toward ASUS products, but the information is sound and he supplies you with (2) two separate videos that give you insight into this new form of PC. If you are considering a Netbook, give this article a read.

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2009/04/16 by Mystic OverClocker
The Complete Intel Pentium Family
Our own Mystic OverClocker explains the important issues when understanding the Intel Pentium x86 CPU family. As usual, Mystic cuts through all the numbers and details to give you a clean and understandable overview.

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2008/02/10 by Bob Wright
Spectacular new hardware for 2008
2008 is bringing us hardware that was promised and yet we never expected in our lifetime. PC Game controllers using EEG or simply a helmet that receives brain waves that interface into the game. New cameras that allow phones to take pictures inside. Flexible displays that become more like a page of a book. Intel has new Penryn chips that do not use silicon and are only 75% of the old chips and solve the heat issue of compact processors. Self healing materials that fill in scratches on your dropped laptop or cellphone.

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2007/08/12 by Bobby Wright
Intel Core Duo: Huh? What is it?
With fancy buzz words going around, you start to wounder what Intel really means when they advertise Dual Core processors. Lets take a look into what it is and how well they really do.

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2006/06/10 by Mystic Overclocker
Blue-Ray and HD DVD formats
Blue-Ray and HD DVD formats are next generation of optically burned disks. So far, I have seen a few brands of Blue-Ray drives available for sale. However, the competing HD DVD drives seem to be still a promise not yet to hit the market.

Okay, what does this really mean to you. Blue-Ray drives can write either to single or double sided disks, single sided being 25gigabytes and double sided at 50gigabytes. Rather surprising and you surely are asking, "Hey, Mystic... where can I get one of these new writer drives for my PC and what is it going to cost me?"

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2006/05/23 by Drew Dunn
Sorting Out DVD Standards
Confused by the -'s and +'s of DVD reading and writing? Find out what you need to know here!

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2006/02/14 by Drew Dunn
Multiple Processors for the Real World
A brief overview of the latest in multiprocessing technology: multiple core CPUs that perform well enough for a notebook.

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2005/09/09 by Drew Dunn
Internet for the Road Warrior
Hey, road warrior, if you're beyond the reach of a cable or WiFi, your Internet connection hopes aren't dashed - a cell phone, a computer and a bit of technology will have you surfing before you can say GPRS!

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2005/02/08 by Drew Dunn
Digital Innovations
Take your music with you without breaking the bank. The Neuros Digital Audio Computer combines plenty of storage space with multiple playback formats and lots of features at a reasonable price.

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2004/11/12 by Bob Wright
Dual Channel DDR Memory
The terminology "dual-channel DDR" is, in fact, a misnomer. The fact is there's no such thing as dual-channel DDR memory. What there are, however, are dual-channel platforms. When properly used, the term "dual channel" refers to a DDR motherboards chipset that's designed with two memory channels instead of one.

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2004/11/02 by Mystic Overclocker
Inner Workings of PC Power Supplies
The power supply is a very important part of your computer, and also the most likely to fail. The power supply is one of least understood components in a PC and at the same time one of the most important. When a power supply goes bad, nothing happens when you turn on your PC. So, lets take a look at what is actually a simple to understand part.

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2003/09/11 by Drew Dunn
Got UPS?
Have you ever wondered where the power numbers on a UPS come from? Want to know what a "volt-amp" is? What's a watt? Read on!

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2003/08/24 by Mike Baynes
Portable Drives Present New Security Threat
New technology is providing an unexpected method of virus and other undesirable programs transmission. The problem occur when the new portable "Pen" drive or portable USB drives are used to transfer data from a computer at work to a computer at home.

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2003/07/24 by Drew Dunn
Old Iron for Fun and Profit!
Do you want a cheap introduction to UNIX on powerful systems? Old Sun workstations may be cheap, but they're not weak!

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2003/05/23 by Drew Dunn
Winning the DVD R/W Format War
Looking at recordable DVD drives? Confused about all of the different formats? Read on and clear the clouds of confusion!

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2003/05/03 by Mystic Overclocker
Serial ATA Jumpers and cabling
A quick and simplicstic explaination of the new Serial ATA interface and how to connect it to your system.

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2002/11/20 by Drew Dunn
DVDs for Linux for Not-So-Dummies
Got Linux? Got DVDs? Now you can put the two together and watch DVD movies on your Linux desktop. Ogle is just the ticket!

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2002/11/17 by Bob Wright
IDE - ATA Hard Drive Transfer Rates
The question came to me this week rquesting that I explain data transfer rates of IDE/ATA hard drives. I decided a quick article on this subject would be useful to our readers, so here is basic chart of UDMA and ATA transfer rates.

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2002/10/18 by Bob Wright
Steve Wozniak predicts the future of PCs
Co-founder of Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak made the following statement recently... "End users 'pretty much have as much computer as they need, and they really don't need twice the speed anymore.'"

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2002/10/17 by Bob Wright
AGP 8x now or PCI Express in 2003?
The new AGP3.0 or AGP8x standard is out with VIA & SIS supplying chipsets for motherboards with ATI & nVidia producing video cards... but, is it wise to jump now or wait for the PCI Express standard due out in 2003?

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2002/09/13 by Drew Dunn
Don't Get Steamed!
Heat got your computer down? Don't get steamed...a few tricks can drop a lot of degrees!

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2002/08/08 by Drew Dunn
BIOS Basics
You hit the power switch and a few seconds later, your monitor comes to life. But what really happens to tell your computer that it's...well...a computer?

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2002/05/28 by Drew Dunn
DDR and You
PC133 SDRAM used to be the king, but the king has been dethroned. Double Data Rate (DDR) memory is the new price/performance leader. Find out how it works here.

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2002/05/23 by Drew Dunn
Your Chipset, Your Memory and You
Ever wonder how your computer keeps track of the data that it moves around millions of times a second? The secret is in the chipset. In this article, we'll look at how the chipset works with memory

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2001/12/13 by Bob Wright
Micro2000 A plus Certification Course
Micro2000 now offers a most complete home study course for the A+ Certification exam. Bob Wright does an insightful review of the entire package.

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2001/03/02 by Bob Wright
USB Hubs: an excellent addon
Most newer PCs and/or motherboards come with USB ports. These are wonderful for adding paripheral devices in that the device will not require special resources from Windows, especially IRQs and that means anyone can quickly add devices like scanners, printers or keyboards without professional assistance.

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2001/01/22 by Mystic OverClocker
Test your Internet speed
Have you ever wondered how fast (or slow) your Internet connection really is? MSN Computing Central has a Web site that will test your bandwidth for you.

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2000/07/22 by Drew Dunn
The NOSPIN Beowulf Project: 1 gigahertz Celeron
The best-known method of clustering Linux computers is Beowulf. Many are familiar with it, but very few really seem to understand how it works.

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2000/04/10 by Mystic OverClocker
Ten best tips before Tinkering with your PC
Before you open your PC, we recommend you read these 10 best tips.

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2000/01/13 by Don Penlington
PC Crashes: a beginners guide
What do you do when your PC crashes???

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2000/01/10 by Bob Wright
AMD Athlon vs. Intel Coppermine
One interesting point I never hear is questions regarding design, engineering and benchmarks. Of course, I spend some time constantly keeping abreast of the latest technology, listening to all the advances in CPU design. Usually my eyes glaze over when I begin to analyze the engineering data, issues like: PentiumIII core 256kb advanced transfer cache on-die, 4x reduction in latency vs Katmai PIII L2, 2 cycle back to back throughput, 8 bus queue entries improved from 4 bus queue entries, decrease in minimum gate dimension for improved speed, Additional metal layer for routing density enables full-speed integrated L2 interface…

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2000/01/01 by Mystic OverClocker
Invalid drive specification at Boot
"Invalid drive specification" message at boot now what? Simple answer to this hard drive error message.

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2000/01/01 by Mystic OverClocker
PCI Modem Does Not Work after installing Windows98
Have you installed Windows98 on your PC only to have your PCI modem fail to work? Let's examine some causes.

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1999/12/12 by Bob Wright
Intel Pentium III FAQ
The complete Intel PentiumIII FAQ for those who still have questions.

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1999/11/14 by Roxanne Pierce
Choosing a UPS? Off line vs. On line
Choosing a new UPS? Before you begin, be sure to read this article about the difference.

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1999/09/29 by Bob Wright
Upgrading PC Ram: PCBUILDs Memory FAQ
Memory is a computer's primary workspace, so read more about the types and how to upgrade your PC's memory.

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1999/09/03 by Bob Wright
UpGrading a PC
Before you decide to upgrade your computer, you need to decide how you intend to use the system for the next few years.

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1999/01/09 by Bob Wright
Recommendations for New Computers or upgrades
You are deciding to either upgrade your existing computer, build your own computer or just buy a system. You have been looking around and hear about new hardware and it seems confusing. The most important issue if you are going to upgrade, build or buy is getting future return for the money you are investing.

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1999/01/03 by Bob Wright
PentiumIII - is Big Brother watching?
The PentiumIII processor now expected to be released in March 1999, will have new features: a unique serial number and a random number generator. Will big brother be watching you via these new cpu additions?

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1998/11/02 by David Hillhouse
Hard Drive Zap Disk
A handy disk to wipe out partitions on a computer's hard drive.

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