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2007/06/27 by Drew Dunn
Asus attempts to create a reasonably priced, high performance Intel motherboard with a definitely non-standard approach. Does it deliver the goods?

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2007/03/06 by Drew Dunn
Gateway FPD2275W LCD Monitor
Gateway's FPD2275W is one of a slew of low cost, 22" widescreen monitors coming to market. Can you spend under $400 for a large-screen monitor and really be happy?

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2006/12/01 by Drew Dunn
AMD's Quad FX Processor: Is Something Wrong?
AMD released their new quad core CPU system, the QuadFX, yesterday. Code-named "4x4", it's been hyped as a high performance Intel killer. But there seems to be a problem - it isn't!

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2004/03/23 by Drew Dunn
Gaming for the Road Warrior
Hit the road and have some fun. We take a look at two PDAs to help you decide which one is the right choice for the mobile gamer.

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2003/10/24 by Drew Dunn
The Palm Tungsten T2 PDA
The Tungsten T2 is Palm's mid-priced entry in the PDA market, but don't let the price fool you. It has most of the features found on their high end handhelds without the high end price.

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2003/10/01 by Drew Dunn
The Neuros HD 20GB Digital Audio Computer
There are plenty of contenders in the market for portable digital music players. Here's a look at the entry from Digital Innovations: The Neuros HD 20GB Digital Audio Computer. One thing that it shares with it's company's name - it's definitely innovative. Updated on October 23

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2001/03/10 by Bob Wright
ASUS CUV4X Motherboard: a review
ASUS has built a very fast motherboard with features you would expect in a much pricer unit. So, what did we do with it? We put it in a server and clobbered it with a DOS attack and this jewel hung in to the bitter end.

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2001/02/21 by Drew Dunn
Thermaltake Blue Orb
The Blue Orb is a departure from the traditional heatsink/fan combo because it is designed not for cooling processors but for auxiliary components, like graphics processors and chipsets.

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2001/01/22 by Drew Dunn
Abit SA6-R Motherboard
Drew Dunn investigates ABIT's new SA6-R motherboard.

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2001/01/21 by Drew Dunn
ATI Radeon 32mg DDR Video Card
I was intrigued by ATI’s claims about the new Radeon series of video cards. They positioned them as direct competitors to Nvidia’s GeForce line, a very tall act to follow. Since my pockets weren’t deep enough to spring for the top of the line Radeon 64MB DDR card, I picked its smaller brother, the Radeon 32MB DDR

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2000/29/23 by Drew Dunn
ABIT SE6 motherboard: a review
Drew Dunn reviews ABIT's latest motherboard, the SE6, with only a point of view you would expect from Drew... *wink*

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2000/12/28 by Drew Dunn
DMA100 Raid Controller Shootout
Fortunately, we were blessed with having two directly competing products show up on our doorstep within days of each other. DMA/100 gear has been on the market since June and the two leaders in controller technology have really hit the ground running. Both Promise and Abit have offered high performance IDE controllers before and both have really stepped up to the plate with their new products.

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2000/12/20 by Bob Wright
ABIT Siluro GF256 GTS video card
ABIT Siluro GF256 GTS 64mg video accellerator video card is the hottest thing todate.

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2000/11/15 by Drew Dunn
ABIT KA7 motherboard: a review
A lot of attention has been stirred up by Abit's KA7 and their claims of stability, compatibility and performance. I'll give away the ending right here. The board rocks. It rocks hard. But don't stop reading, because you'll want to know why.

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2000/09/23 by Drew Dunn
Alpha P7-125 Heatsink/fan for AMD Athlons
It's no secret to overclockers that the hot (read: cool) forced air cooler for almost any CPU is made by Alpha. Alpha has a reputation for building heat sinks that is unmatched.

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2000/09/22 by Eric Heupel
Thermaltake Chrome Orb CPU cooler
Thermaltake Chrome Orb CPU cooler: fan/heatsink

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2000/07/18 by Drew Dunn
ABIT VA6: Slot1 PC133 motherboard
ABIT's VA6 is the latest offering from the Taiwanese manufacturer that most recently made its mark with the dual Celeron BP6 board

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2000/05/21 by Bob Wright
EPOX EP-MVP3C2 Motherboard: a review
Epox provides an excellent solution for those wishing to upgrade an older case with newer technology and speed.

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2000/05/20 by Drew Dunn
Benwin BW2000 Speakers
Benwin advertises their flat panel multimedia as "The new shape of sound". Drew Dunn brings to life this new technology for PC sound in this latest review.

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2000/03/18 by Drew Dunn
ABit BP6 Motherboard: a review
Multiple processor motherboards are nothing particularly new. When mainframes ruled the world, gangs of processors made crunching data much faster because, as computer engineers discovered, if you process data in parallel, that is, many pieces of data at the same time, you can speed up computer performance immensely.

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2000/02/28 by Drew Dunn
Celeron: performance on a budget
The Intel Celeron is a great budget option for your PC.

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2000/02/25 by Mark Rode
ABIT BE6II motherboard: a review
Mark Rode brings his special brand of commentary to this review of the ABIT BE6II motherboard

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2000/02/23 by Drew Dunn
Sound Image TFT Speaker Systems
Last year, a company called NXT announced that they'd developed a way for a flat, rigid panel to act as a transducer, creating the potential for very thin, flat speaker systems. But if you've been around high fidelity audio systems for the past 25 years or so, you already know that flat speaker systems already exist. NXT's technology is different.

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200/12/17 by Drew Dunn
Golden Orb Heatsink/fan
The Golden Orb is possibly the finest heatsink and fan combo we have ever reviewed.

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1999/9/02 by Bob Wright
ABIT BE6 motherboard: a review
A finally tuned review of ABIT's BE6 motherboard and over 18 months of use and testing.

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1999/12/01 by Bob Wright
The Montego II Quadzilla Turtle Beach Sound Card
Top of the line, high end sound card for those audiophiles or hard core gamers.

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1999/04/09 by Drew Dunn
Tekram P6Pro-A5 motherboard
The Tekram P6Pro-A5 motherboard is a very small slot one ATX form factor board that features VIA's new Apollo chipset. Tekram markets the board as having "maximum performance at a cost-effective price."

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1999/01/05 by Bill Cohane
Celeron 300A and ABIT BH6 motherboard
Thinking of building a new system and want to get the most bang for your buck? Consider overclocking a 300A Celeron CPU.

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1998/10/21 by Charles Gamet
Intel Mendocino Celerons
On August 24th, 1998, along with the Pentium II 450, Intel introduced the new Celeron 300A and 333MHz based on the new Mendocino .025 micron core, these new Celerons

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