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2009/07/28 by Mystic Overclocker
How To Boot From A USB Flash Drive
Creating a flash drive / usb drive boot disk is not always an easy matter. This article explores numerous methods of building a working USB Boot Drive. Sometimes you will encounter a PC or Laptop that does not have a floppy drive, CD drive or DVD drive. Now you have only an option to use a USB drive to boot the system. We hope this article helps even the best of techs.

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2008/01/28 by Bobby Wright
Oh No Robots! The Scounge of Spyware!
PC Infection? Ad's popping up rapidly on your homepage? Google is no longer your search engine? You might be infected!

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2007/12/13 by Bobby Wright
Christmas Shopping 2007 Part 1
The spirit of giving is in the air, and the time for shopping for those oh so important techy gifts is coming along with it! But what do people want or look for when shopping for someone? More inside!

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2007/08/12 by Bobby Wright
Firefox Extentions: What Extentions Are Actually Useful?
Mozilla Firefox is known for its Extensions system. But then, how do you figure out if they really are what you want? Some people like myself horde them selfs with 30+ extensions, but some people have just plain old Firefox. Lets see what we can do about that!

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2006/11/03 by Drew Dunn
New Browsers from Microsoft and Mozilla
Coming down to virtually a dead heat, both Microsoft and Mozilla have released new versions of their web browsing software, Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.0.

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2006/09/20 by Drew Dunn
Mozilla releases the first candidate for Firefox RC1
In a mind-twisting sort of way, Mozilla's has released it's first candidate for version 2.0 RC1. Perhaps that means Firefox 2.0 RC1 RC1. Or Firefox 2.0 RC1 RC. In any event, the race between Microsoft and Mozilla to be the first to release a new browser is tightening up.

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2006/09/13 by Drew Dunn
Download Windows Vista RC1
Join the Windows Vista testing rollercoaster! All you need is a Microsoft Passport (your Hotmail address will work perfectly!)

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2006/09/09 by Drew Dunn
Windows XP and the great Prefetch Myth
About once a year, several tech sites trot out the story that deleting the files in your prefetch directory will speed up your Windows XP system. There is a good reason that they're there - and deleting them may actually slow down your system!

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2006/09/06 by Drew Dunn
Microsoft Officially Announces Vista Pricing
We've stayed away from the rumor mill about pricing until the big announcement - Windows Vista pricing is official...and it's not as bad as you might have thought!

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2006/08/31 by Drew Dunn
Firefox 2.0 Beta 2 Now Available
It's neck and neck to see who will release the newest browser first! Mozilla weighs in with Firefox 2.0 Beta 2 - can Microsoft be far behind? Download link is inside!

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2006/08/25 by Drew Dunn
Internet Explorer 7 RC1 Now Available
Microsoft's ubiquitous browser gets a major update. Internet Explorer 7.0RC1 is available for download from Microsoft's website.

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2006/07/29 by Drew Dunn
Microsoft Office 2007 in Public Beta
Microsoft's popular office suite is in public beta and available for download. Get your copy before Wednesday and it's free - after that, Microsoft will charge $1.50 per download.

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2006/07/28 by Drew Dunn
One Day Only: WinRAR is Free
RARLab is offering a free single user license for WinRAR on July 30, 2006 to celebrate winning SIAF's "Best Overall Utility" for 2006.

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2006/07/10 by Drew Dunn
Firefox 2.0 Hits Beta
Mozilla's popular web browser gets a new version number and hits beta on July 11th - but you can download it a day early!

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2006/07/10 by Drew Dunn
Microsoft Ending Support for Windows 98
It was fun while it lasted, but after eight years, Microsoft is shutting the door on support for Windows 98, 98SE and ME. Is it good riddance?

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2005/03/18 by Mystic Overclocker
5 Ways to Block Pop Ups
Do you browse the web to any extent? Then you have been victimized like the rest of us by Pop Up advertising. Some sites can pop more than a dozen windows and you just hate that moment, even locking up your PC. I am going to give you a few good methods to solve the constant problem of Advertising Popups on the Web.

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2004/11/05 by Mystic Overclocker
What does a Video Codec do?
The software or hardware that performs the decompression (or compression when recording video) is called a codec (coder- decoder). Codecs come in many different forms and are necessary when ever you are either creating videos or watching them, such as DVDs, AVIs and MPGs. Codecs are the method we use to compress raw video down into usable form, small and easily transported.

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2003/07/29 by Bob Wright
Installing Windows XP with MS-DOS, Win95, Win98 or WinME
Installing a multi-boot system with WindowsXP and older Microsoft operating systems is explained in simple terms. You can install MS Dos, Windows95, Windows 98 or Windows ME with WindowsXP using a Dual-Boot.

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2003/07/28 by Bob Wright
Fat vs. NTFS Partitions
Have you wondered the difference between types of partitions? What is a FAT, a Fat16 parition, Fat32 partition and a NTFS partition? We will try to explain all the differences.

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2003/03/10 by Tony Beckett
An Introduction to Excel
Tony Beckett leads you through the basics of using Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. Excel is not just an accountants tool, but can be used for all sorts of things, from keeping a track of CDs to your personal finances... and so much more.

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2002/03/25 by Dennis Faas
McAfee Sparks Controversy by Misleading Users to Upgrade
This controversial article which shows how the is misinforming their users to upgrade their virus scanners to version 6.0 because their current versions are "out of date and are no longer supported". This comes at a transitional time when Network Associates has opted to buy out McAfee. Are they purposely misinforming users to increase revenue? The article shows many contradictions discovered on the and web sites which prove to be confusing and misinforming, to say the least.

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2002/03/17 by Mystic Overclcocker
Is Your PC Ready for Windows XP?
Before you rush out and buy Windows XP for your current PC, we suggest your read this article to help you decide if the upgrade is practical for you. Get the insight only our own Mystic Overclocker can bring to the subject.

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2002/03/17 by Bob Wright
Special new features found in Windows XP
Windows XP comes with some great new features and long awaited updates that makes using Windows XP more fun and practical.

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2002/02/19 by Bob Wright
Dial-Up Networking Refuses to Remember Passwords
When using dial-up networking are you unable to save your password? Are you missing the save password box? Here is a definative answer to this common problem.

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2001/11/20 by Drew Dunn
The Poor Hacker's Remote Control
Now that you've built that killer MP3-playing stereo system, how do you control it? Maybe you should ask the phone company...sort of...

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2001/10/24 by Drew Dunn
The New Music Box
Yearning for high end audio from your computer? The latest in audio hardware and software can turn almost any computer into a high fidelity machine.

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2001/03/17 by Drew Dunn
If you're getting tired of searching for aliens, why not try working on the human genome? Folding@home is a screensaver that looks cool and is good for you, too!

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2001/02/27 by Bob Wright
Changing File Associations
Here's a trick to let you permantenly change the file associations for any type of file.

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2001/02/27 by Bob Wright
Correcting Errors with Microsoft Word
Have you been experiencing errors when running MS Word? Here is the simple solution.

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2001/01/12 by Don Penlington
File Associations for Windows 95/98/NT
File associations need not be mysterious to anyone. Read more in this article.

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2000/11/29 by Bob Wright
Fdisk: special switches to make Fdisk perform better
The HELP file and Microsoft web site is rather vague about special switches for MS FDISK. No reason for you to be in the dark, so here are the known switches

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2000/10/12 by Frank Suszka
Maximize Performance with a permanent swap file in Windows
Basically the swap file or virtual memory as it is sometimes called, is a tool that Windows uses to simulate more RAM than your system has and can be optimized to perform better... read for more information.

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2000/09/22 by Mystic OverClocker
Get rid of the windows95/98 logon screen
Whether or not you're on a local area network, odds are you don't really need the little logon (login) screen asking for your username and password that comes up when starting Windows95/98. Read on to discover how to deal with removing the logon screen.

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2000/07/21 by Mystic OverClocker
Simple Upgrade of WindowsNT to Windows2000
How do you keep your existing Windows NT Workstation configuration and still upgrade it to Windows 2000 Professional? Easy! You clone the NT installation then upgrade the cloned copy. The result is a dual-boot system with your old installation intact and your new upgrade in place without reinstalling applications.

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2000/07/12 by Don Penlington
Backing Up the Registry
2000/03/31 by Bob Wright
The VXD bug fix for Blue Screens of Death
The VXD bug fix for Windows98 can solve the vast majority of problems that arise with Blue Screens of Death... it is easy to use.

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2000/01/26 by Roxanne Pierce
Missing Himem.sys or A20 error in Windows95 or 98
Have you found this error on your laptop or desktop? Find the solution provided by Roxanne Pierce.

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1999/10/26 by Don Penlington
Batch Backup File
Need a fast and easy backup system? Read on...

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1999/10/25 by Jose Dominguez
Speed up Windows by stop loading programs
Windows taking too long? Well there might be something you can do about it.

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1999/10/21 by Bob Wright
A NOSPIN Report: Hidden Windows98 Utilities
Not everything in Windows98 is obvious. Here are four great utilities in Windows98 and how to access them.

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1999/10/08 by Bob Wright
Windows95 upgrade to Windows98: solving conflicts
If you have finally taken the plunge to Windows98 - 98SE and to save money you purchased the upgrade version, there might now be some issues that are driving you nuts... read on about using the Virtual Conflict Manager in Windows98.

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1999/08/19 by Mystic Overclocker
Here is great information on protecting your email from macro virii.

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1999/05/23 by Mystic OverClocker
Best Windows95/98 Tech tips
Here are the best of the Windows Tech tips rolled into one article.

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1999/05/18 by Bob Wright
Troubleshooting GPFs in Windows
You may encounter a variety of errors if your computer is not optimally configured. Read on for some great ideas to solve these problems.

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1999/03/22 by Bob Wright
Windows98 Control Panel
All you wanted to know about the Windows95 or 98 control panel.

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1999/01/21 by Bob Wright
Stop random accessing of the floppy drive
Have you found this odd bug in Windows95 or Windows98? Read on...

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1999/01/12 by Roxanne Pierce
Setting your E-mail program to plain text
Simple instructions to remove formatting from your emails to send email in plain text format for our mailing lists.

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1998/19/10 by Jim Meagher
HOW TO SEARCH FOR AND RETRIEVE a previously read article
Searching for a message on a list server is very much like searching for a web page on a search engine.

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1998/10/08 by Jim Meagher
Create and Manage Subfolders in My Documents
This handy little tip will help you create subfolders within the MY DOCUMENTS folder so that you can add a little more organization to your file storage system.

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1998/09/02 by Bill Cohane
Xcopy vs. Xcopy32
Discover how to use Xcopy and Xcopy32, with the limitations of both and advantages.

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