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2007/03/27 by Drew Dunn
Windows Vista on a "Mature" Notebook
I take the leap and install Vista on a two year old notebook. Will it shine like a new system or just collapse under the strain? This mini review gives a little insight into whether or not older hardware has what it takes to run a new OS.

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2006/11/30 by Drew Dunn
Windows Vista RC2 Reviewed!
FreePCTech's first look at Windows Vista, Microsoft's replacement for Windows XP. Is it better than "good enough"? Does it deliver the goods? Will it work for you? Read on!

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2003/11/18 by Drew Dunn
Fedora Core 1 Linux
RedHat is dead...long live Fedora! In the wake of RedHat announcing the discontinuation of its free Linux distribution, a new contender has popped up to take its place. But although its a contender, it's not all that new! Read on for more...

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2003/06/19 by Drew Dunn
Ultra-X SOHO Diagnostic Kit
Ultra-X provides another tool for the average computer user to add to the computer toolbox. Is it just what the doctor ordered?

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2002/03/20 by Drew Dunn
Browser Wars
There's a war raging out there...and you haven't even heard! Linux web browsers may be the hottest new thing very soon!

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2001/06/20 by Elizabeth Bostin
PC-Cillin antivirus application
Elizabeth Boston brings her special insight into a new review of one of the most popular antivirus software packages - PC-Cillin:

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2001/03/10 by Drew Dunn
Linux and Outboard IDE Controllers
If you're pulling your hair out trying to get Linux to work on an external IDE controller, here's help!

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2001/01/24 by Molly Ruggles
WINDOWS ME - A Quick Glance at Glitches and Features
Although Microsoft marketed millennium as the next logical extension in the Win 95 to 98 chain, Win ME is actually a bit different, and requires adapting to some new constrictions and 'protections'.

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2000/08/19 by Art Cassel
Windows95/98 Uninstaller Programs
We all come to a point when we discover things are getting a little crowded on our hard drive. What do we want to get rid of? How do we get rid of them?

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2000/05/24 by Bob Wright
Windows2000? Time to upgrade?
Unless you moved into a cave to survive Y2K, you have heard all the bluster about Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows2000. Most of what I hear is in double speak of industry terms and acronyms. Read this review before you decide to upgrade.

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1999/12/20 by Bob Wright
VPOP3 Email Server for Windows
1999/03/16 by Bob Wright
Wingate proxy server
Wingate provides a great proxy server and firewall for Windows users.

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1999/01/09 by Bob Wright
Microsoft Office 2000
Interested in buying MS Office 2000? Read Bob Wright's thoughts on the subject.

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