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This area is strictly for Hardware Articles and Reviews. We are always looking for new contributors.

ASUS EEE Netbook stand alone keyboard PC
Bob Wright takes a look at the new Netbooks and their EEE specification. Bob shows his bias toward ASUS products, but the information is sound and he supplies you with (2) two separate videos that give you insight into this new form of PC. If you are considering a Netbook, give this article a read.
The Complete Intel Pentium Family
Our own Mystic OverClocker explains the important issues when understanding the Intel Pentium x86 CPU family. As usual, Mystic cuts through all the numbers and details to give you a clean and understandable overview.
Spectacular new hardware for 2008
2008 is bringing us hardware that was promised and yet we never expected in our lifetime. PC Game controllers using EEG or simply a helmet that receives brain waves that interface into the game. New cameras that allow phones to take pictures inside. Flexible displays that become more like a page of a book. Intel has new Penryn chips that do not use silicon and are only 75% of the old chips and solve the heat issue of compact processors. Self healing materials that fill in scratches on your dropped laptop or cellphone.
Intel Core Duo: Huh? What is it?
With fancy buzz words going around, you start to wounder what Intel really means when they advertise Dual Core processors. Lets take a look into what it is and how well they really do.
Blue-Ray and HD DVD formats
Blue-Ray and HD DVD formats are next generation of optically burned disks. So far, I have seen a few brands of Blue-Ray drives available for sale. However, the competing HD DVD drives seem to be still a promise not yet to hit the market.

Okay, what does this really mean to you. Blue-Ray drives can write either to single or double sided disks, single sided being 25gigabytes and double sided at 50gigabytes. Rather surprising and you surely are asking, "Hey, Mystic... where can I get one of these new writer drives for my PC and what is it going to cost me?"


How To Boot From A USB Flash Drive
Creating a flash drive / usb drive boot disk is not always an easy matter. This article explores numerous methods of building a working USB Boot Drive. Sometimes you will encounter a PC or Laptop that does not have a floppy drive, CD drive or DVD drive. Now you have only an option to use a USB drive to boot the system. We hope this article helps even the best of techs.
Oh No Robots! The Scounge of Spyware!
PC Infection? Ad's popping up rapidly on your homepage? Google is no longer your search engine? You might be infected!
Christmas Shopping 2007 Part 1
The spirit of giving is in the air, and the time for shopping for those oh so important techy gifts is coming along with it! But what do people want or look for when shopping for someone? More inside!
Firefox Extentions: What Extentions Are Actually Useful?
Mozilla Firefox is known for its Extensions system. But then, how do you figure out if they really are what you want? Some people like myself horde them selfs with 30+ extensions, but some people have just plain old Firefox. Lets see what we can do about that!
New Browsers from Microsoft and Mozilla
Coming down to virtually a dead heat, both Microsoft and Mozilla have released new versions of their web browsing software, Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.0.

Software Articles and Reviews contains both operating systems such as Windows and the best of software applications.

Our diagnostics area contains Articles and Reviews for both the beginner and seasoned professional. We seek out the very best in shareware and commercial hardware and software diagnostic solutions.

MS WindowsXP Error Codes
Most people see an error message popup and have no idea what to do with it. Each error message has a code associated with it and here is a list of the top 30 errors you will run into. There are more of course, but they are far rarely seen.
Ultra-X Professional Diagnostic Kit
Ultra-X's Professional Diagnostic Kit combines software and hardware to deliver a kockout punch to the problem of tracking down computer hardware problems. Carrying on the tradition of their previous products, this one delivers on its promises!
Micro2000 Ultimate Diagnostic Toolkit
Fighting the battle of the broken machine? Micro2000 has a new weapon designed to troubleshoot and diagnose hardware that seems beyond repair!
Micro 2000 Diagnostic Tool Kit
Micro 2000's Universal Diagnostics Toolkit contains two diagnostic products: Micro-Scope and PostProbe. This hardware and software combo provides the means to troubleshoot almost any PC, working or not.
Micro 2000 Basic Hardware Learning Course
Check out this basic learning course for building and diagnosing PCs.

YouTube has rivals for Videos on the Web
YouTube is not the only source of Web based video. We offer some new ideas for searching for Web videos, some good places to find videos and even applications capable of viewing video from numerous sources.
NETWORKING - Mac Address
Setting up a home network and wondering what a MAC address is??? We explain MAC address, (Media Access Control). We explain how to determine a Mac address for your PC and how to use a MAC address.
A Comprehensive Strategy for Using Web Site Statistics
The ability to predict surfing patterns of the common Internet user has the potential to be instrumental in solving many problems facing producers and consumers of web page content. Web site designs can be evaluated and optimized by predicting how users will surf through their structures. Web client and server applications can also reduce user perceived network latency by pre-fetching content predicted to be on the surfing path of individual users or groups of users with similar surfing patterns. Systems and user interfaces can be enhanced by the ability to recommend content of interest to users, or by displaying information in a way that best matches users' interests. Proper analysis of a web site's activity is therefore an important process that supports an enhanced and intelligent design of a web site.
BitTorrent - A Better Peer to Peer Network
Peer to peer networks are detested by the recording industry and loved by file sharers. If the courts don't get them for piracy, they eventually collapse under their own weight. But BitTorrent may have a different approach. Read on for more!
Making sure your network card and TCP/IP are working correctly
If you are experiencing a problem with your computer system being able to ping itself but, not anything else on the network try this.

Networking needs not be frustrating and only for the most adept. We will attempt to guide you through the entire process of home networking on up to large LANs.


The NOSPIN Group staff and numerous others have contributed both Articles from their experience concerning PCs, as well as their opinions of the best in PCs in our Reviews.

If you too would like to contribute, contact: Bob Wright.  We are always seeking new voices to add to our Articles and Reviews sections.

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