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  Writing Motherboard Reviews

Once again the Mystic Overclocker is sending emails to Bob Wright,  and we decided to share it with you!

Bob Wright wrote in his review of ABIT's BE-6:
"In the last six weeks, I have only rebooted the system once a week. The remainder of the time it has been left running with no issues..."

Now Bob, I read your article on the NOSPIN web site and it got me to thinking. This ABIT BE6 motherboard sounds like a great opportunity. You see, I was asked to show up for a local PC building user group, which turned out to be eight teen-age boys sitting around slurping up sodas, discussing PCs. "Okay!", I thought, "so most of the people today really interested in PCs are a touch younger than myself!" What an evening. I began to remember my boyhood in the sixties, yakking it up, lying to my friends about my expertise with building fast cars. 

Then, the discussion went in a direction that caught my attention, the Hotpoint UDMA66 controller on ABIT motherboards. Here sits a boy beginning to complain that IDE CD-R drives will not work on this controller. My first question was not too difficult, "So, how long have you had this motherboard in your computer and why would you connect a CD writer to it?" This is when I discovered I was not wrong with my first opinion, these young fellows were just pulling each other's chains.

The boy tells me he does not have an ABIT motherboard and wouldn't consider buy it, after all his teen idle, Anand, says that it is a trash board. "Trash board?", I am thinking, "but, you have never even seen one or thought to try it out? Oh well…"

That got me to thinking and I decided to check out the web for reviews on the ABIT BE6. WOW!!! I looked at my buddy Tom Pabst's site and found next to nothing. Anandtech.com could only whine about compability and stability problems, yet I could not find where they had actually installed one or used it. I checked out the others and for the most part, nobody seemed to have actually used this motherboard. What is the deal?  Then, of course I noticed that the NOSPIN site had their fearless leader installing one, in his personal PC no less, and to a rave review. But, then again Bob, what the crap do you know? I remember back when Tom Pabst was leading us all down the path of enlightenment, years ago, on PCBUILD mailing list with the immortal sage advice to "overclock… overclock… overclock!"  Then, of course you guys booted him off of PCBUILD, removing the great mind of our time. Okay, so what if a few dozen newbies burned up their motherboards or CPUs?  After all it did not cost Tom anything and he was breaking new ground.  Did you ever realize that these newbies must go to Tom's web site now to learn how to burn up  their CPUs?  

But, I digress. I did not notice that NOSPIN seems not to have any great number of articles about anyone motherboard manufacturer. I thought why is this? I noticed that Anandtech is having a love fest with Soyo, though why anyone would want a motherboard named for a bean curd is beyond me, and other sites are doing much the same thing. Then it hit me! Bob, you really are missing the boat. These guys are schlepping out motherboard reviews for the old payola, remember the fifties and rock-and-roll payola to diskjockies? You need to come in out of the cold, you are missing the boat, pal. You could have super hot web design also if you generated some cash for reviews. This non-profit, give it away for free stuff just ain't paying the rent. I think it would be real easy to make big bucks, hack up a few reviews and rake in the dough.

Come on, Bob! I read dozens of these reviews. You do not even need to use the motherboard to write that stuff, just grab the numbers off of other sites or even make them up. Make it all too technical for normal people to understand and there you have it. Cool cash… who would know the difference, certainly not the eight teen-agers at the user meeting I mentioned earlier? 

This is a new approach from the Mystic Overclocker. We will report any further emails from him. You should also know that we do not allow the Mystic Overclocker to post to "our" mailing lists as his information is outside of our usual quality.

Please remember not to try this at home as the Mystic Overclocker is a Professional and trained in the use of computer components and the Internet, (well, maybe).






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