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  Resources from Free PC Tech

These are our recommended Internet resources


Whatis.com   *****
Best Online glossary for computer terms. Materials about computers, (software, hardware and Internet related). 

RefDesk.com  ***
A complete source of reference materials. 

Windrivers.com  ****
Excellent source to Fast Find drivers for Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT.  Sometimes slow due to the large numbers of requests...

DriverGuide.com  ***
A good source for Windows drivers, but you are required to join their service and supply them information about yourself... hmmm?
Price Watch Pricewatch.com  *****
Unsure if you are getting a deal on computer parts or just looking for the best source based on price?  Hot deals found here!!
Tucows.com  *****
Find software you need to better use the Internet FAST!!  All software on this site can be quickly downloaded with great recommendations.  

Search.AOL.com  ****
Possibly the fastest search engine on the web.  We highly recommend this site for it's large database and web access.



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Special reviews and download files
Hold No Punches...  by Rode
by Mark Rode


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