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    PC Components - A pictorial guide

Pictures are better
than a 1000 words



This is a quick guide to help you identify the components inside your PC.


Basic Components
(click thumbnails for enlarged view)

ATX motherboard
Athlon CPU with high-end cooling fan
ATX motherboard with Intel PIII CPU
Socket370 adaptor for slot one motherboard
Intel socket 5 CPU socket
Intel socket 7 CPU socket
Intel socket 8 CPU socket(Pentium Pro)
Intel socket 370 socket
Opened PC case
Installing a CPU
Installing a motherboard
Intel Coppermine PIII CPU
PPGA/370pin Intel cpu
Slot 1 Intel Celeron CPU
AMD Athlon CPU
Assorted case fans
PPGA/370pin CPU cooling fan
Slot 1 CPU with fan
AGP Video card (Abit Siluro 64mg)
ATX motherboard w/PPGA or 370pin socket
Basic AGP video card
CD Rom drive
Floppy drive installed in case
IDE Hard drive
IDE Hard drive (connector view)
Case power connector
AT power connectors (Note that when installing these connectors the two black wires are always adjacent)
Power supply
USB Ports
USB plug


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