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   Mailing list Commands via Email

For the sake of this discussion, all commands will be demonstrated for our mailing list, PCBUILD.  These commands are interchangeable and maybe used for all of our mailing lists.   Just substitute any reference of PCBUILD for the appropriate mailing list, (either PCSOFT or PCBUILD).

 Also, we will use the name of the List Owner, (Bob Wright), as it is required.  If you wish to use the command, replace the reference to BOB WRIGHT with your own name.  Always use your "REAL" first & last name.  Any use of an ALIAS will cause your subscription to be terminated.

All commands are sent to the server.   The server processes the commands.  Remember that the server is sensitive to subject lines, do no include anything in the subject line.  If your mail program requires a subject line, you may place a period, ( . ), in the subject line without effecting the server.

These commands are universal for Listserv Mailing lists.

Send commands to the Listserver at this email address:

SUBSCRIBE PCBUILD BOB WRIGHT This is the basic subscription command.  Used to join a mailing list.  Always use your REAL name.  Your subscription will be terminated for use of an ALIAS.
SIGNOFF PCBUILD This is the command to unsubscribe from a mailing list.
Set PCBUILD DIGEST This changes the form in which posts are sent to you from the mailing list.  You will receive only one Email a day with all the day's posts inside.    This reduces volume drastically.
Set PCBUILD NODIGEST This turns off the Digest mode once it has been enabled.  This is the default setting.
Set PCBUILD NOMAIL This command stops the mailing list from sending the subscriber any mail.  Used to stop mail while a subscriber is on vacation.
Set PCBUILD MAIL This turns off the NOMAIL mode once it is enabled.   This is the default setting.
Query PCBUILD Query your subscription options on a particular mailing list.
HELP The listserver will send you a generic help file for all the commands available.
Thanks This checks the server.  If the server is online it will respond with "You are Welcome."  This is sent to validate the the List & Listserver are working.
These commands are just the basics.    They will provide the average subscriber with all he help they require.  If you need more information about available commands, send an Email to:

Email to Listserv Help Master


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