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    Donations to The NOSPIN Group, Inc.

This is a very simple process and we will not bore you with technicalities involved.  If you wish to donate to help in the cause of providing FREE PC Tech support, then simply print out the form provided.  Fill in the pertinent information.  

Then, send either the cash donation, PC hardware or PC software to the address provided with the form, including the form.  We will then complete the form and mail the original back to you for your tax records.


Donation Form



Why should you donate

That is an often asked question.  The reason is quite clear, offering these services require a great deal of money.  

Nearly a decade now these services have been provided.  The founding members have always picked up the costs and will continue to do so.  But, assisting them, is the key to insuring that The NOSPIN Group continues to help without the need for the crass commercialism that is now the Internet.

Is the NOSPIN Group struggling to fund these services?  Not really.  The NOSPIN Group is financially solid and will continue to be so in the future.  The board of directors mandates that our services never exceed our ability to fund them.  Fiscal responsibility is a hallmark of The NOSPIN Group.  But, over the years people have asked to help and we wish to make it easier for them.

What happens to the software or hardware contributed?  If the hardware is usable to us, we install it in our NOC, Network Operations Center.  If it is either used to build PCs or refurbish PCs donated.  Then these units are given to needy people. 





Donation Form


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