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Chipset Utility

Chipset Utility is a small utility that identifies the Intel chipset in your computer.


Intel's Application Accelerator

Intel's Application Accelerator, an improved IDE controller driver for Intel's 810 and up chipsets (except for the 815EM). It's faster than the default driver included with any of the versions of Windows, even XP. It has optimizations for Pentium 4 and Windows XP based systems and provides support for drives with over 137GB.


Dr. Hardware 2000 shareware_button.jpg (766 bytes)  

Dr. Hardwares tradition of precise computer analysis is going to be continued under Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4 and 2000 now. Against other system information tools that are operating under Windows, Dr. Hardware gets its results not only by inquiring registry settings but also partially through BIOS calls, I/O port accesses and register manipulation what is sometimes a difficult job under Windows. As a result of that you get what can be detected independent of the operating system. The major advantage of this concept is that Dr. Hardware provides very good analyzing results in cases where - for example - a component has not been correctly installed. Another true strength of this program is its high relevance.  You will find that its a real power tool and a good friend of your machine.
SBABR v3.12 shareware_button.jpg (766 bytes)

SBABR is a fast Antivirus and Crash Recovery utility for DOS and Windows 3.1/95/98, specifically designed to detect and remove Boot Sector and MBR viruses on both hard drives and floppies as well as protect PCs from crashes by intercepting any change that may occur to the computer system areas. SBABR is also a CMOS Data, Track Zero, Memory, MBR and Hard Disk & Floppy Boot Sector manager/editor and back up/restore utility. 
DIAG v4.48 shareware_button.jpg (766 bytes)

DIAG is a great hardware diagnostic program you can run from a floppy disk.  We have tested this program against numerous commerical applications costing hundreds of dollars and DIAG is as good or better than most.  Read Rode's Review of this shareware app.
Bios Wizard


The BIOS Wizard is a simple and easy to use program that will examine and identify the BIOS and Chipset on your system.  Bios Wizard is a Windows application.

Great little utility to get rid of those forgotten passwords keeping the CMOS protected.  Be sure read the documents in this file, as it resets all settings in the CMOS to defaults... 
*Special Note: KillCMOS will be detected by most anti-virus software as containing a virus, since KillCMOS's primary function is exactly like a virus.  Please note that the file is completely safe and Contains NO VIRUS!!!
Dr. Hardware v5.5E shareware_button.jpg (766 bytes)

Dr. Hardware helps You to review the status and configuration of
resources, setup and drivers. Also consult Dr. Hardware, before You buy other software - it will tell You, if Your PC is suited for it or not. Shows details about CPU, Chipset, PCI/SCSI/EIDE devices, Modem, CD ROM, Graphics Adapter. With report function, benchmarks, memory dump.
Mystery of Overclocking

Mystery of Overclocking is a Windows Help file that explains in detail all the ins and outs of Overclocking a CPU.  Excellent work by Shrishail Rana.  Handy to have on your computer as a desk reference.
Universal IDE CD Rom Drivers

This is an ideal utility to have on hand when creating a boot disk for a computer with an unknown CD Rom drive or a CD Rom drive you cannot find a driver.
Maxi Disk v4.1 shareware_button.jpg (766 bytes)

MAXI style extended capacity disks give you 420k on a 360k disk, 800k on a 720k disk, 1.4 meg on a 1.2 meg disk, 1.6 meg on a 1.44 meg disk, and 3.2 meg on a 2.88 meg disk without any data compression, and in most cases without any special drivers.
Sound Card Detector

SoundCard Detector is a Windows system information program which detects all information about your soundcard. That is very helpful when an error occur and the manual doesn't give a lot information. Windows application - Freeware
Check Disk 99

Hard drive benchmarking and test program. Shows Zone Bit Recording  (ZBR), Sectors per Track (SPT), sustained throughput and buffer to host throughput among other things. Features database and graphical functions to compare results with other hard drives.
ATA Probe

ATA Probe v1.0: display info on (E)IDE disks, ATAPI CD-ROMs and tapes. 
OEM Info shareware_button.jpg (766 bytes)

This is a must have if you build computers.  Edit the Properties area for My Computer and add yourself as the builder of the system & your logo.  Freeware application.   (Includes required DLL file)




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