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Chipset Utility

Chipset Utility is a small utility that identifies the Intel chipset in your computer.


Intel's Application Accelerator

Intel's Application Accelerator, an improved IDE controller driver for Intel's 810 and up chipsets (except for the 815EM). It's faster than the default driver included with any of the versions of Windows, even XP. It has optimizations for Pentium 4 and Windows XP based systems and provides support for drives with over 137GB.


Dr. Hardware 2000 shareware_button.jpg (766 bytes)  

Dr. Hardwares tradition of precise computer analysis is going to be continued under Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4 and 2000 now. Against other system information tools that are operating under Windows, Dr. Hardware gets its results not only by inquiring registry settings but also partially through BIOS calls, I/O port accesses and register manipulation what is sometimes a difficult job under Windows. As a result of that you get what can be detected independent of the operating system. The major advantage of this concept is that Dr. Hardware provides very good analyzing results in cases where - for example - a component has not been correctly installed. Another true strength of this program is its high relevance.  You will find that its a real power tool and a good friend of your machine.
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Older Files



     Recommended by:  Bob Wright

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Windows Blinds

Windows Blinds is a great way to change the look and feel of your Windows95/98/2000 desktop and applications.  It has skins addons available to make Windows look so much more than Microsoft ever envisioned.   TOP RATING****

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diag441.gif (8873 bytes)

DIAG is a great hardware diagnostic program you can run from a floppy disk.  We have tested this program against numerous commerical applications costing hundreds of dollars and DIAG is as good or better than most.  TOP RATING for this shareware app

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hottag.jpg (4429 bytes)hottag.jpg (4429 bytes)hottag.jpg (4429 bytes)hottag.jpg (4429 bytes)
Might Fax v2.9f

Mighty Fax by RKS Software is a complete send/receive fax machine addition for Windows95/98.  It is small, versital and easy to use.  A real winner.      Shareware - remember to register it

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Auto Dialer Win95/98/NT

Netlaunch for Win95/98/NT resides in your system tray to manage your dialup connection, connecting at startup or as required by applications.   It can also start any application designated.  Highly Recommended.

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  No AOL 

Get rid of AOL's Aim loading at start up.  Download this file, unzip it and double click on the REG file.  It will quickly and easily modify your registry to stop loading Aim added by Netscape.
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Mystery of 
Windows Registry

Mystery of Windows Registry is
a Windows Help file format
reference for everyone. Read it
and learn or keep it handy to fix
problems that arise. Great
reference from Shrishail Rana
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Mystery of Overclocking

Mystery of Overclocking is a Windows Help file that explains in detail all the ins and outs of Overclocking a CPU.  Excellent work by Shrishail Rana.  Handy to have on your computer a desk reference.

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Server Files

The MS Dos Interlink system will connect two computers via a parallel or serial cable for a simple direct network.  This will work for MS Dos, Windows3.xx/95/98.  Be sure to read the text document enclosed.

Recommended by:  Bill Cohane

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MTU-Speed v4.10
A small utility capable of increasing the performance of your internet connection. Could double your connection speed!

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Dimension 4
hottag.jpg (4429 bytes)  160k   hottag.jpg (4429 bytes)
Dimension 4 time synchronization software for Windows 95 (and Windows NT 4.0). Synchronizes PC's time to within 50ms of actual time using Internet SNTP or Time protocol. Once installed, Dimension 4 is "hands free." PC's time will be updated at user specified intervals without user action.

Recommended by:  Elizabeth Boston

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hottag.jpg (4429 bytes)hottag.jpg (4429 bytes)hottag.jpg (4429 bytes)hottag.jpg (4429 bytes)

This is a fast and easy ZIP windows application to speed up processing of any zip file.  Elizabeth highly recommends this one! hottag.jpg (4429 bytes)

Recommended by:  Jim Meagher

Click here to download file Atomic Clock v2.0a
The Atomic clock program uses the Internet to check the time and has an ADJUST button to update the CMOS clock.  Works pretty good.
Click here to download file Cpu Speed v3e
Cpuspd tests and reports the true speed of your CPU.   It is freeware from AMD.
Click here to download file Memory Speed
Memspd test ALL ram (including L1 & L2 caches) then spits out a comprehensive report. It is postcard-ware. No fee but the author requests you send him a pretty picture postcard to register.
Click here to download file MS Dun v1.3
Microsoft Dialup Network upgrade to v1.3 for Windows95

Recommended by Jose Dominguez

Click here to download file StartEd
StartEd gives you direct control over programs activated from the  Windows95 registry whenever your machine is rebooted. The key areas are Run and Run Services, from which such products as schedulers, servers and mouse add-ons are typically loaded.

new2.gif (116 bytes) 18k new2.gif (116 bytes)
SPD CHECKER: This utility has been made available from Vanguard for the purpose of allowing users to check the make, model number and type of synchronous DRAM DIMM in their PC.  For Pentium II or better.

Recommended by Drew Dunn

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hottag.jpg (4429 bytes)new2.gif (116 bytes)hottag.jpg (4429 bytes)
new2.gif (116 bytes)new2.gif (116 bytes)
Amazing trace route and ping utility for Win95/98/NT.  Graphically displays the route from your PC to any domain or IP address.  Lots of fun...

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CD Rom
Tests your CD-ROM drive and presents a nice graphical report of its actual speed across an entire CD-ROM. It gives a pretty good idea of how a CAV CD-ROM drive performs.

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CD Speed
How closely does your CD-ROM match the manufacturer's claims?  You'll probably be surprised at the difference between the drive's speed rating and it's actual performance!

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Test your hard drive's transfer rate. Is your hard drive slow, or do you just need a new driver?  This program can help you make that decision.


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