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MemWasher v1.1

Use MemWasher to improve the performance of your PC. It's convenient, easy to set up, and has a positive impact on performance by making more real memory available on your computer. MemWasher runs quietly from your system tray and automatically frees real memory depending on your settings. You can make memory available at a regular interval of your choosing, or base the process on need, by setting a low threshold value. Of course, you can also free memory manually as needed. Total memory load and available memory are shown as text and as real-time graphs.
Photocopier v2.13

Have you ever wanted to quickly send something from your scanner to your printer, without having to go through a lot of intermediate steps? Check out Photocopier, which does just that. Photocopier uses any TWAIN-compliant scanner to scan your document or photo and send it directly to your printer. The simple, easy-to-use interface lets you select color, grayscale, or black-and-white scanning at 100% or 70%; adjust the brightness; and quickly select the number of copies to print. Note: Photocopier is advertiser-supported, and if you're connected to the Internet while using it, it will download banner ads that are displayed within the program.


Spell Checker for Windows

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Spell Checker checks the spelling of any edit control in almost any application under Windows 3.1/95/98/XP. It runs in the background, with hot-key support. Master dictionaries are available in several languages and fully editable and searchable custom dictionaries can be created. The system requirements are modest and it should run on any computer.  Unfortunately it is not available in 32bit format for Windows NT or 2000.

RegEdit v4.1a


RegClean analyzes Windows Registry keys that are stored in a common location in the Windows Registry. It finds keys that contain erroneous values, and after recording those entries in an UNDO.REG file, it removes them from the Windows Registry.

Older Files

for Win95

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Great Microsoft product to control what application start in Win95 and other features of Win95.  Must have addon for Windows95, (already included in Win98).

Mystery of 
Windows Registry

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 346k Mystery of Windows Registry is a Windows Help file format reference for everyone.  Read it and learn or keep it handy to fix problems that arise.  Great reference from Shrishail Rana

Tweaks All
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1.8m Windows 95/98 Tweaking utility. With support for HDD and CD-ROM cache settings, modem
tweaking, Voodoo 1/2/3/Banshee support and much more

Reg Cleaner

225k RegClean can easily get rid of those old and obsolate registry entries which are created by software that you deleted ages ago

RAM Page

102k RAMpage is a small utility that displays the current memory status in a System Tray icon. Double-clicking the icon forces Windows to free unused memory

freeware.jpg (670 bytes)  


Microsoft Windows95/98 registry backup utility program.  Simple to use, just unzip and run ERU.EXE and back up to floppy or a directory.

by Rode

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4k PrintDIR.bat will print the contents of a folder in Windows 9X or NT4 from Windows Explorer.  It will print a list with one inch margins, a header titled File List and it will number the pages it prints.
95 Multi Booter 8 kb Make one of those DOS ANSI Graphics Startup Menus
CD-ROM Changer Driver n/a Stops Win95 from scanning every disk in my CD-ROM changer
Transparent v4.2 56 kb To make the background of desktop icon text transparent
DOSLFNBK n/a Restoring Windows95 After a Crash
EzDesk n/a Save Your Desktop Layout
HideIt 74 kb Hide all Icons on the Desktop
Icon Corral 600 kb Fine-Tuning Windows95
65 kb frequently requested animated cursor and icon editors
INF Generator 72 kb Getting Rid of the Inbox Icon
Kernel Toys 56k Microsoft's set of diagnostic tools for "power users"
Let Me See! 72 kb Customize Common Dialogs
Norton Navigator Update n/a Stop Windows95 from Randomly Searching the Floppy Drive
PKZip 2.04g n/a The original zip compression utility from the makers of ZIP
Power Rename 1.1 MB Rename Files the easy way
( Tweak_UI )
206k Microsoft's set of interface enhancement tools for "power users"
QuickTime for Windows (32-bit) n/a Prevent Programs From Changing Your File Types
QuickView 589 kb Use Quick View with Any File
Registry Search and Replace n/a Windows registry repair program
RegClean 800k Clean out messy problems in your Windows Registry from Microsoft - the new version 4.01a
Spell Checker for Windows n/a A spell checker for Microsoft Exchange
Tray 23 kb Customize the Tray
TrayDate 21 kb How do I display the date in the Tray (next to the clock)?
TrayHide 10 kb Customize the Tray
WinReg 95 21 kb Change the Registered User Information in Windows95


Special reviews and download files
Hold No Punches...  by Rode
by Mark Rode


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