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VXD Bug Fix Win98

Windows 98 has a small glitch in it's installation routine that fails to copy 7 .VXD files to your computer.  The results for many users of Windows 98 are:
  1. System instability 

  2. BSOD's (Blue Screen Of Death) 

  3. Mouse lockups 

  4. Problems during Shut Down

  5. Screen suddenly freezes, ALT+CTRL+DEL will not recover. 

If YOU have experienced these problems, this fix alone may eliminate them completely!!
Special NOTE: This file works ONLY with Win98/98SE
and is not to be used with WindowsME!!!


Microsoft Tweak UI

Version 1.33
This is the latest version of MS Tweak UI, (as of the fall of 2000).  This new version works with all flavors of MS Windows.  Great program to adjust all those hidden settings in Windows that are hard to find.  Just download and execute this file to install.
Cable Modem Speed Patch

This simple patch for Windows9x solves the issue of slow downloads with cable modems
Win98SE Shutdown bug patch

A supplement from Microsoft to solve the problems with a clean shutdown in Windows98SE
IOS Fix patch

Patch for Win95SR2(OSR2) or Win98 for IOS Error while booting Windows from IBM.


Older Windows Patches
AMD K6-2 update patch
(uploaded 9/20/99)
291k Patch for the AMD K6-2 cpu in Win95. Solves the IOS error for 350mhz or better chips. Check IBM.COM for updates, including versions for Windows98/NT
AutoDial Registry Patch 49 kb Enabling Autodial with Dial-Up Networking
Cover Page Fix n/a Bugs in Microsoft Exchange
Clear.BAT 1 kb Turn Off the Documents Menu
Desktop Control Center 9 kb Hide all Icons on the Desktop
Disable Norton Splash Screens 1 kb Get rid of the Norton Navigator and Norton Utilities Splash Screens
Easy Logon for Windows NT 729 kb Get rid of the logon screen in Win NT
INFFILE Registry Patch 1 kb Rebuilds the INF file types
NOMRU Registry Patch 1 kb Clear Unwanted Entries from the Start Menu's Run Command
NS_FIX Registry Patch 1 kb Stop Netscape From Changing File Types
Old Mouse Mode 25 kb Stop Menus from Following the Mouse
OtherFolder 6 kb Copy or Move to Specified Path
Rename Recycle Bin Registry Patch 1 kb Rename the Recycle Bin
ShoveIt n/a To cope with the Taskbar at the top of the screen
Shutdown 13 kb Prevent New Users From Logging In
Windows95 Font Properties Shell Extension n/a A little toy (from Microsoft) for those of you who love typefaces



Top 10 Internet Downloads 

Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition Free
Spybot Search & Destroy
Pop-Up Stopper Free
Quake III: Arena
WinRAR v3.90
Windows Movie Maker
AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition
Motherboard Monitor
Windows XP SP2 & SP3

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