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No one wants their desktop to be a mess of clutter.  Increase your productivity with these tray tools for your Windows 95/98/NT machine. We've gathered a group of must-have utilities that run in your Windows system tray. From customizable program launchers to memory managers and shutdown enhancements, these apps are designed to save you time and make your life easier.



FTbar! ('Find Task' Bar) 4.2 - 461k
FTbar (Find Task bar) is built with the philosophy that the average PC user works in "start once, switch frequently" mode, meaning you only start a program once, then switch between running applications as you work. With this in mind, the average program launching application only helps with the smallest portion of your work. FTbar makes the larger part of your work, switching between windows, as easy as possible with a row of icons buttons for both launching applications and switching between them. FTbar can be run either docked on your screen or placed in the right side of the caption bar of your open windows. Move between windows using the mouse or any keyboard hot-key combination you prefer. FTbar puts the Windows Start Menu and Programs items at your fingertips, along with any number of additional menus containing your favorites. Right-clicking any menu item gives you a context menu, even if the item is a sub-menu. You'll have to try it to appreciate FTbar's simplicity and power, and I predict you'll be registering the program soon.


GTI Desktop+ 2.0 - 1283k
This set of desktop utilities can help you sort through and utilize all the desktop themes, sound files, wallpaper images, and screensavers on your computer to keep your Windows desktop fresh and exciting. GTI Desktop+ includes a screensaver randomizer, a desktop themes randomizer, a wallpaper randomizer, and a start-up and shut-down sound randomizer. In addition, this application extends the functionality of standard Windows features such as the Display Properties window. Everything is packaged in a compact and easy-to-use tabbed interface.


Memory Monitor 1.20 - 806k
Picture this: You're working hard, running way too many programs at once, and your PC is about to crash any moment. Sound familiar? Get Memory Monitor to avoid those ugly system crashes that happen when you've used up all memory. This small application monitors all aspects of your Windows memory usage, displaying the basics in a system tray gauge. Double-click this gauge for a more detailed view including physical memory, paging file, and virtual memory readings with the total current usage and size available displayed.


PowerBar 1.55 - 145k
PowerBar offers one-click access to your drives, the programs you use most and some nifty utilities. Simply start the program and right-click on the toolbar to bring up a context menu you can use to customize its position and appearance, and add programs, folders, and files to the toolbar. PowerBar can play all your multimedia files, including WAV, MIDI, and CD audio files, and you can create a playlist of your favorites. The newest version of PowerBar adds screen capture functionality, clipboard enhancements, and the ability to hide desktop icons. The unregistered version limits you to 16 icons on the toolbar, including spacers, and can be used for 30 days before registering.


Right Start Menu 3.0 - 173k
Put an application launcher and Start Menu replacement in your system tray. Right Start Menu places an icon in your Windows system tray, which can act as a program and file launcher, a quick access route to Notepad, or a customized menu for applications or folders you access frequently, depending on how you configure it. Open any file or run any program with two clicks. Add up to 20 items to Right Start Menu, all of which will pop up when you right-click the Right Start Menu icon in your system tray.


ShutDown Now! 3.72 - 1072k
ShutDown Now is a Windows 95 or NT utility that takes the guesswork out of shutting down your machine. Turning off the computer without running through a proper shutdown sequence can corrupt the registry, and that can be disastrous -- it could destroy the entire contents of your hard drive. ShutDown Now makes this much safer, by letting you shutdown from a convenient system tray icon, but that's not all. You can specify how you interact with the computer while it shuts down, with options including shutdown/reboot without saving any data, power off the computer, and even normal shut-down, reboot, and log-off procedures. Additionally, you can specify whether your computer uses the Windows start-up and shutdown logos, whether a specific program should be run before shutdown (great for anti-virus and disk scanning utilities), and what ShutDown Now will look like on your screen. New features such as improved installation and systemwide visible hot keys for shutdown and extraction of disks make this a must-have.


Tray-HQ 1.61 - 245k
This system tray utility packs a punch, with access to six frequently used utilities via a single click in the task tray. You can launch Notepad, CD Player, a calendar, an address book, a stop watch, and a clipbook, plus add hot corners to launch your screensaver. Although Tray HQ is a small download, you get lots of extras from this neat program. There's no size limit on the files you can open with Notepad launched from this application, your address book entries contain clickable URLs, and the stopwatch comes with a billing option for all you consultant types. Best of all, it's a freeware application. What do you have to lose but a few unnecessary mouse clicks?


TrayRun 2.01 - 128k
Put any application in the system tray, whether it's built to run from the tray or not. TrayRun places the program's icon, or any icon you assign to the program, in the system tray. From this icon, you can double-click to access the program, or you can right-click to hide, restore, or maximize that program's window. Since applications launched using TrayRun don't appear in the taskbar at the bottom of your screen, running a large number of programs doesn't clutter up the taskbar with rectangular icons you're unable to read. TrayRun is easy to install, comes complete with a setup wizard, and gives you plenty of configuration options for each program you launch.


  What is This? 2.06 - 267k
OK, I realize this program doesn't sit in the task tray, but it's just too good to pass up. What does it do? What Is It helps you organize your files by letting you give each file a unique description. Accessible from Windows Explorer and desktop context menus, your file descriptions are displayed in a small database that takes up very little disk space. Besides giving you a file information summary including the file name, size, dates of last access and creation, What Is This lets you view, update, and delete the description you've given to any file. You can even search for a file using the terms you placed in a file's description.


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