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Microsoft Multimedia Tools


Not only does Windows Media Tools install the mpeg4 codec for avi and asf video playback, but it also has a lot of video editing software for these formats as well. Encode asf and mpeg4 avi movies, plus many more great features.

Installation Notes: If you install Windows Media Tools and your system still will not playback mpeg4 avi and asf video files, delete mpg4c32.dll and,(if it exists), in your C:\windows\system\ directory and then reinstall Windows Media Tools.

Notice: This software is no longer supported by Microsoft. The reason I have posted this software here is because the newer version of Windows Media Tools disables the playback and encoding of mpeg4v3 avi files, and with all the mpeg4 avi files floating around the net, we need something to view them. If you would like to download the newer version of Windows Media Tools, visit the Windows Media Homepage.


SnagIt is a powerful screen capture utility to capture images, text, and video from your Windows desktop. From one-step capture of scrolling web pages to video capture and text conversion, SnagIt does it all. See why SnagIt has been setting the screen capture standard since 1990!
Peck's AVI Joiner

Turn multiple AVI video files into one large file for convenient viewing. Joins most types of compressed AVI video.
TMPG Encoder

This is a new, powerful program for all types of mpeg editing including joining mpegs. This software is Japanese, install the english language support file included in the zip.
Camel's MPG Joiner

Excellent software with and extremely easy to use interface for joining mpeg, mpg, mpv, and mpe video files.
Installation Notes: If you get any errors about missing .dll files, install the vbruntimes included with the file.


Virtual Dub

Excellent video converter and manipulator. Convert ASF to AVI, MPEG1 to AVI, or convert AVI to AVI using a different codec.



This tool will covert your AVI files to VCD compliant MPEG files. Use your burning software to burn these files straight to VCD(Video-CD), playable in most DVD players.



Another tool for converting MPEG video to AVI format.


ASF Checker

Fixes corrupted ASF videos.

    CODECs  (video compression files)

What is a Codec?
A codec is a method of compressing video to a file suitable for distribution on the net, either on the web or a LAN or any other method of file transfer. Avi, Mpeg, Wmv, Asf  and other video is compressed with many different codecs depending on the needs of the users.



This is the most comprehensive package of codecs available.  To see a complete list of the contents of this package, Click Here.  This is the latest and greatest release of famous ACE Mega Codecs Pack. In this codec pack you will find plenty of useful Codecs (Coders/Decoders), Media Player Filters, Media Players and other Utilities. Also added, Authoring Tools for video watching, audio and video processing. In Add-On Pack you can find Authoring Tools for content creation.

Basic Codecs required


This file contains all the basic codecs any PC should need to play most movie or sound files.  The zip file includes 10 codecs that can easily be installed on any Windows system.

I263 Codec

Windows 95/98 - I263 is an older codec and most people have abandoned its use although the video quality is quite nice.  This is  an Intel audio and video codec.  A must have in case you run onto older video files.

Windows - Contains the MP4, MP42, and MP43 decompressors. If you should install this codec and mpeg4 video still will not run on your system, delete mpg4c32.dll and (if it exists) in your C:\windows\system\ directory and then reinstall the mpeg4 codec.

  If you have problems installing the mpeg4 codec or you would like to be able to encode mpeg4 avi and asf video, get Windows Media Tools.

DIVX 3 & 4 Codec

Windows - Decompressor for avi files encoded with the divx codec. Contains the div3 and div4 decompressors.


DivX 5 Codec

This decompressor for AVI files includes all the playback and encoding functionality necessary to watch and create DivX videos. And what's more, it's completely free for download!
Indeo Video Codecs

Contains the Indeo IR3*, IV4*, and IV5* codecs. Recently the Ligos Corporation took over Indeo video development from Intel Architecture Labs. They have updated Indeo Video to Indeo Video 5.11 and will continue to develop the technology in the future. Please visit the Ligos Corporations website for more information and support.
Cinepak Codec

This will install the Cinepak codec on your system including the vids:cvid decompressor. This codec is not widely used anymore but there are still alot of movies floating around the net that were encoded with Cinepak. This will enable you to view them.


Quick Time Codecs
You will need to visit APPLE's
web site for these Codecs.


Windows Media Audio V2 Codec


This is the hard to find audio codec used often with the Anglepotion video codec.  Be sure to read the Read_me_first.txt file.  It explains how to install the codec.

Additional Codecs - ASUS ASV1 Decoder v1.0 beta Read Me (Sep 14, 1999) - Intel I263 CODEC for Win95/98
divx_31alpha.exe - DivX MPEG-4 Video Codec 3.11 alpha
divx_3d.exe - DivX MPEG-4 Video Codec 3d - Intel Music Coder audio codec for Windows 9x and NT - MPEG-4 Video codec fix for Windows 9x and NT 4 - Intel Indeo(TM) Video Raw
iv5setup.exe - Indeo Software Setup - MCI Overlay Driver Version 2.7 - RealTime MainConcept Motion-JPEG Codec for Win32 v3.0 - Fhg Radium MP3 codec v1.263 - MPG4 i386 codec
iv5play.exe - Indeo® software codecs, DirectShow filter and Plugin - These files will let you play AVI files created with Winnov hardware in the WNV1 format on a Windows 95 PC which does not have the Winnov drivers.
m3jpeg120c.exe - Morgan Multimedia MJPEG 32-bits codec - Intel I263 & I420 CODEC for WinNT/2000 - These files will let you play AVI files created with Winnov hardware in the WNV1 format on a Windows NT PC which does not have the Winnov drivers
APmpg4v1-702.exe - AngelPotion video codec v.1
wm8codec.rar - WM8 Codec
DivX4Win40a50.exe - DivX4Windows 4.0 Alpha 50 Core Codec
m3jpegv2.exe - Morgan Multimedia MJPEG codec V2 - Mpeg4 DivX 3.22b codec - DivX AntiFreeze 0.3. Sometimes DivX video clips contain invalid frames that cause Media Player to freeze the image. Theoretically codec should recover from the problem, but it doesn't. So image is freezed permanently until clip position is manually changed (by moving position slider). DivX AntiFreeze tries to avoid such freezings - Windows Media Tools - Windows Cinepak Codec - vids:cvid decompressor (vids:cvid video codecs) - Windows Media 8 Viewing CODEC



Image Editors

Paint Shop Pro

Adobe Photoshop


These JPG or GIF editors are all highly recommended

Video Editors


Virtual DUB
Click Here




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