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    Free PC Tech Mission Statement / Objectives

Mission Statement

The primary mission of Free PC Tech is to supply everyone with the best in Technical support for their PC problems.  We may always strive to perform within a reasonable time frame.

Freepctech will always be funded by The NOSPIN Group as a private not for profit corporation.  We will at no time present any reviews or promotions of products based on financial gain to us.  We will at all times provide information without bias and as truthful as possible.





  To provide non-judgmental forums to seek help when it is needed
  To provide information is a simple to understand format
  To provide our services free of charge at all times
  To provide information free of SPAM emails
  To acknowledge and promote products that perform as described or better.
  To assist all who ask with problems concerning their PC
  To provide forums where professionals and talented users may also help those requesting help





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