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    xxWindows2000: Floppy or CD Setup

Floppy or CD Setup

This is the method of setting up Windows 2000 that I highly recommend...   In fact, it's more like an updated version of the NT 4.0 install process. It's also the more traditional approach for installing most operating systems. And it's easy to do. Just insert the Windows2000 CD or first Windows2000 floppy disk, then start or restart your PC.  There are four setup floppies, so have them all available.

If you're using floppies, you may be instructed to switch disks by the system at any point during this setup, so stick around and have all the disks handy.

Once you boot the system, the first thing you should see is the prompt "Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration." This part should take a few moments, so be patient.

First BIG issue that might arise:
Well, you knew this could not be all that easy... and you have heard of problems...  so let's address the first one that can arise, as this is the point where you will see it:

 The Blue Screen of Death because of the "INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE." This happens if the hard drive or drives in your system are using a controller that isn't present on the boot floppies or the CD-ROM. 

To get around this, first determine the exact make and model of the disk controller being used to boot your system. This often happens with some less common SCSI controllers or RAID adapters, but it can also happen with "generic" ATAPI/IDE controllers. If you believe it's just the generic ATAPI/IDE two-channel disk controller that comes bundled with most PCs, you could be wrong; many of those aren't generic at all, but require special manufacturer-written drivers. Several of the Compaq systems, for instance, do this. Check the Web support site for your make and model of PC or motherboard and find appropriate Win2000 drivers for the controller in your system. If there aren't any, you may want to see if a Windows NT 4.0 driver will work, but it may not always work. 

Another reason for the INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE error is tied to booting from the CD-ROM. Some systems that fail this way work fine if you boot from floppies. Yet another argument for building and keeping a set of Win2000 boot disks. 

If all has gone well...  the screen turns blue and you will see: Windows 2000 Setup.  You are ready to move to the next step:

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