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Every now and then, a utility comes along that is so good you wonder why they didn't put it in the operating system. This is what I thought when I first saw TClockEX, a freeware program by Dale Nurden. This utility seamlessly replaces the Windows Taskbar clock and allows you to display day, date and time in endless variations.

1c.jpg (3650 bytes) 2c.jpg (4359 bytes)

Using a simple intuitive interface you can select the fonts, the text the background colors, the text style and exactly how you want things to look... with seconds or without... full date... partial date... anyway you want to do it. The program even provides sample setups if you don’t wish to do one yourself. There isn’t anything about this program that can’t be configured and if you need help there is a complete and well written help file.

interface.jpg (41514 bytes)


There is also one of the easiest to use pop up calendars I have come across just right click and select calendar.

callander.jpg (16094 bytes)

To make the calendar disappear just click anywhere else. This is a quick view calendar and is not designed for in-putting data. But if your on the phone and want to see if a particular date is on a weekend then this is a easy way to do it.
As if a great taskbar clock wasn't enough Dale has also provided a CPU and Memory monitor that appears as a line on top and below the clock or as a numerical percentage You can even pick the color of the lines. The CPU monitor isn't available in NT but then NT has it's own monitors. 

 memory bar.jpg (4035 bytes)

TclockEX is great little trouble free program that meets all my requirements for a well written utility. Give it a try….I think you will like it as much as I do.





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