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ClipMate by Thornsoft Development has been the definitive windows clipboard utility since it first appeared in 1991. The latest and greatest version is 5.206 which is a 32 bit program although you can still find a 16 bit version for Windows 3.11. I regularly used ClipMate back in the Windows 3.1 days and found it to be just as well done.

ClipMate is a tool that gives the Windows Clipboard greatly expanded functionality. When you cut or copy to Windows clipboard you must paste it somewhere or you will lose it when you make your next cut or copy. ClipMate allows you to copy as many clips as you have memory and hard drive space for …but this is just the beginning. ClipMate allows you to manage those clips in a easy to use interface and stores your clips on your hard drive in a folder that you can specify. ClipMate then allows you to create a "collection" that you can view as thumbnails. You can delete specific clips or arrange them in the order you want to view or paste them. You can even do some editing in text, rich text, or html format. There is a search engine that will allow you to search through your clips. ClipMate even provides a data filter.

When your ready you can paste your clips in the order you wish. You can even glue them together into one file. For example, you could copy text clips from an article and use ClipMate to glue all your text clips into one document. You can even clip multimedia into the document.

It is amazing how useful windows clipboard can be when using ClipMate. Doing research was the first thing I used ClipMate for. You can go from source to source coping text and pictures on to the clipboard. Then you can use ClipMate to instantly glue the whole collection into one document. Pretty cool!

ClipMate runs in the system tray and / or from a hot key combination. During installation you will be asked if you wish to auto run ClipMate at startup, what hot key you wish to assign, and whether you wish to run ClipMate in the system tray.  ClipMate has two interfaces.

The small normal one...

Or a larger Explorer type view which I prefer and which supports drag and drop, editing and easy clip management. Of course if you use a 15 inch monitor you will probably use the small interface.

Once installed it is easy to configure ClipMate for your needs using the preferences screen. This interface will allow you to configure the program in just about any way imaginable.


No detail has been over looked. I really appreciate it when software allows the user to set things up they way they work rather then the way the software developer thinks you should work.

ClipMate is Shareware and is a very fair $25.00 U.S. to register. You can give it a try for 30 days without any restrictions or nag screens.

In computer years ClipMate is a dinosaur! It has survived a half a dozen windows upgrades, the emergence of the Internet and all the competitive utilities of the last decade. ClipMate is still going strong because it is still the best utility for what it does.




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