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Over the years I have seen many attempts to create virtual desktops by such well known names as Norton Navigator,  Ontrack's PowerDesk, even Microsoft NT4 Resource Kit has a utility that will do this but none have come close to ZDDESK for simplicity and trouble free easy of use.

ZDDESK is a  PC Magazine free utility that creates virtual desktops. This makes your monitor feel bigger and allows you to setup virtual desktops for specific jobs. For you Unix \ Linux users, this is very similar to a console view in that you can have your word processor running on one desktop, your Email program on another, and your browser on a third. 

ZDDESK allows you to be running up to 9 desktops. You switch between desktops with a small icon that runs in the tray.You can move forward through the desktops with a single click or go to a specific desktop with a easy right mouse select and click.

ZDDESK is very configurable. You can name your desktops. You can arrange what running programs are on what desktops. You can move the applications around from a central interface. You can even have different colors on different desktops.

ZDDESK.gif (20805 bytes)

For you wallpaper users, be aware that full screen wallpaper will hide the colors on all desktops. This means that all desktops will show the wallpaper. You can not have different wallpapers on different desks.

Of course, the more virtual desktops you have the more resources you will be using. I have become addicted to this little utility and run it in on both 98 and NT4 computers.The best part is that ZDDESK is absolutely free. For those inclined it even comes with source code and I have included a Virtual Desktop icon that I made separately with Microangelo, just in case you want a different look for your launch icon.




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