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  Hold No Punches...  by Rode


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Screen Saver Bundle  
Download - 5.7mg



Years ago, screensavers served an important purpose, by keeping an image from becoming embedded in the screen, and ruining an expensive monitor. This was a  big deal in 1993, when a 17 inch monitor cost 1000 to 1500 U.S. dollars. The idea of a screensaver is to keep the picture moving, and changing, to avoid burn in. Modern monitors have overcome this threat, and screensavers have now become entertainment. In fact some of the best, and most colorful screensavers can actually accelerate phosphor aging because they place so much demand on the monitor. The best screensaver from the monitor’s point of view is one that keeps the monitor full powered on, but blanks the screen. This kind of screensaver ships with Windows 98, NT4, 2000, and Linux. If you decide to go this route just make sure you disable any BIOS or operating system power saving features, because powering down a monitor, and then starting it up again, might be good for your electric bill, but it is not good for your monitor. 

We all know that sometimes the smart thing to do isn’t the fun thing to do! A good 19 inch monitor can be had for under 200 U.S. dollars, so why not throw caution to the wind, and just enjoy screen savers.

 Rode's Screensaver Bundle.zip  contains six free screen savers that  I have collected over the years and will run on just about any computer that was made in the last six years. There are four 16 bit screen savers and two 32 bit screen savers. All of them will run fine in any version of Windows.

Here is what you will find in the download.


Your computer screen underwater! The mouse cursor turns into an small fish that swims around your screen, which is now underwater…makes me smile.



It is fall, and soon it will be winter, and there is nothing better then sitting in front of a roaring fire, warming your toes, and sipping your favorite beverage, while the wind, and the rain, blow outside. Unfortunately, your stuck in your dorm room, or you live in downtown Manhattan, in a one room studio that costs two grand a month, and the closest you can get to a fireplace, is when you drive by one of those trash cans that construction crews set on fire to keep warm. So turn your PC into a high tech fireplace. FireLog puts a roaring fire up on your PC screen to warm your heart on a cold winter night …it’s a Zen thing.

Drifting Clocks ...

I have had this since the Windows 3.1 days, and I have never found anything better to replace it. What you see is a 3D (sort of) clock that floats around the screen, but in six different views. The time appears as a digital clock, a analog clock, a binary clock, a VU Meter Clock and a Gas Meter Clock …nope I’m not kidding. There are a lot of configuration options such as font and color as well as password protection.


Plot a course across the galaxy! Sky displays a real star map of the sky, above your real longitude, and latitude, in real time. Resistance is futile.

ChessMaster ...

ChessMaster  is from The Software Toolworks Company which sells the ChessMaster game. It includes a theme setup, but unless you REALLY like chess just install the screen saver, and you can watch the computer replay historical chess games in high resolution, high color, and stunning graphics.

 Impressionist Paintings ...

A beautiful collection of 40 impressionist paintings from a variety of painters including Monet, CÚzanne and Gaugin. You can enable classical music to play with the various paintings, and pick how the pictures transition from one to the other. A really wonderful collection. This is made available as freeware by Stardust Software which sells the programming software Stardust Screen Saver Toolkit.



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