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  Hold No Punches...  by Rode

Got To Have Them Bundle
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This week I have bundled two must have utilities into one download. I keep these right on my Taskbar for quick launch access. These utilities are freeware and each one does a specific and useful function with a minimum of fuss. 

Process Viewer by Igor Nys allows you to see all processes running on your computer. Upon launching Process Viewer you are presented with this interface...

Process Viewer lets you see EVERYTHING. By highlighting a particular process and then making a selection you can find out all you want or need to know about a process. The thread count, memory use, process tree, and version can all be discovered. This can be very useful when tracking down an unruly application or process that can not be seen in the normal CTRL ALT DELETE Task Manager window.  

The two most useful features are the Kill button and the Path statement. The path identifies exactly where the program is running from. This path information can be invaluable when you don't recognize what the process is.  The kill icon allows you to instantly stop and shutdown a selected process.


End It All by Neil J. Rubenking allows you to shut down all running programs with one button. You launch End It All and then select what applications you wish to keep running by highlighting and then locking them with a mouse click. 

Press the End It All button and the program takes care of the rest. This is great to use right before running an install program, or in preparation of a memory or CPU intensive task, like burning a CD or playing a game. End it all will remember what you locked so the next time you launch the program you just need to hit the big End It All button.

If life were only this simple!





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