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    The NOSPIN Group Staff





   Bob Wright 
   Senior Managing Partner / Founder / CEO

Bob is the founder of The NOSPIN Group Inc., along with his friend and mentor, Drew Dunn. He is the current corporate President of this organization.  He operates a small computer consulting business in Boise, Idaho.  He  retired from  real estate business and has a BBA   from Boise State University.    Currently, he is the primary listowner and  webmaster for The NOSPIN Group. 
Email: Bob Wright<>

  Mark Rode 
   Senior Partner /
Mailing List Owner
Mark operates a consulting and development company in Southern California and is a graduate of the University of California. Mark has been fascinated with computers ever since he played a game of tic-tac-toe on a mainframe the size of a building. His first PC had no hard drive, less than one meg of ram and loaded its data from an audio cassette player. He has been captivated by PCs ever since.

Email: Mark Rode<>







  Bill Cohane 
Bill lives in Southeastern New York State. After graduating from Villanova University, he served as a Naval Officer and then as a High School teacher. During this time he earned Masters degrees in Math and Physics. He is currently working on his Doctorate in Mathematical Physics. In his free time he coaches tennis and tries to keep abreast of developments in the PC hardware and software fields.
Email: Bill Cohane<>
  Jose Dominquez 
Jose is actually a poet, and finds himself bemused at being a member of the NoSpin moderator group. A native of Cuba raised in Miami, Jose is a graduate of Professor John Chin's classes in computer repair  and is currently a technical support engineer.   In his non-existent spare time, he owns a company that makes high end computer systems for power users. With his gentle wit and outlook on life, Jose finds life as a Nospin moderator diverting, to say the least.
  David Gillett 
David has been programming computers since 1969 and building them since 1993, and in 1997 he changed focus from software to networking and security. He is an A+-certified PC technician, MCSE on NT 4.0, Cisco CCNA, and more than halfway to MCSE on Windows 2000. He is one of two senior network engineers for a community college district that serves over 40,000 students on three campuses in California's Silicon Valley, and hardly ever misses the snows of his native Canada.
Email: David Gillett
   Dean Kukral  
Dean is a graduate of Wabash College, with an MA and PHD in
Mathematics from Indiana University and an MSEE from Wichita State
. He has spent most of his working life teaching
Mathematics at Wichita State, with a ten-year interlude as a
programmer/analyst in electronic design automation and engineering
computer systems support at NCR. Since retiring, Dean has been
dividing his time between playing duplicate bridge, studying foreign
languages, playing Civilization and FRPG's, and walking for exercise.
Email: Dean Kukral<>
   Russell Poffenberger  
Russ currently works for a company developing leading edge
semiconductor test equipment in Silicon Valley. He has nearly 30 years
experience working with computers of varying flavors including
Sun/Solaris and Windows. He has knowledge and experience not only with
Sun and PC hardware, but also programming in C/C++ and kernel device
driver development.
Email: Russ Poffenberger<>






  Elizabeth Boston 
Elizabeth lives in Southern Maine with her husband, Paul and their four children. She operates a small computer business from her home called "The Computer Lady" and writes a computing column for a local newspaper.  She is a marketing partner for GWI.NET, Maine's largest ISP and a Technology Consultant with Hand Technologies. You can receive her Newsletter by sending an Email to: asking to subscribe.
  Jim Meagher 
Jim had his first exposure to "big iron" systems while serving with the U.S. Air Force in 1969, realizing that this would become both his vocation and avocation. He is listed in the International Who's Who of Professionals as well as receiving various awards and recognition for his work with local civic and non-profit agencies. Jim has a degree in Electronics Engineering and teaches various computer courses at Wor-Wic Community College as well as managing his own consulting firm, Micro Solutions Consulting.
  Max Timchenko 
Max is a student of computer software and hardware engineering in Electric Engineering department  at Technion university  in Haifa, Israel, and also works as a freelance website designer.  Max started programming on his first PC  when he was 9 years old.   In his spare time, he plays a "lot" of computer games and collects stamps.
Senior Contributors
People demonstrating skill and knowledge of PCs
through their regular contributions to The NOSPIN Group mailing lists.
David Nasser
Gary R. Tennesen
Thomas S. Sandborn
Steve Wolfe
Larry Atlow
Terry L. Clark
Glen L. Bowes Ryo Imamura
Eric Maquiling Marc Guise
Kevin Flood Dennis Noble
Peter Hogan Don Penlington
Walter Worth Doug Simmons
Herbert Graf
Mary Wolden
Linda Aldridge
Mick Fitzpatrick
Jun Qian
Larry Fisk
Kyle Elmblade Joe Lore
Peter Shkabara
Carroll Grigsby


The NOSPIN Group staff members are all volunteers, donating their time and energy.  At no time will we allow staff members to be abused by the users of our services.  Be polite...

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