Top 11 YouTube Alternatives of 2021

YouTube Alternatives

YouTube is definitely a fundamental part of the internet and modern society. If you need something — guides, product reviews, news, funny or educational things, some video art like movies or animation — it's on YouTube. But not everybody would like to be stuck in a monopoly, and some people may find certain drawbacks of YouTube.

Perhaps you may be discontent with how the algorithm watches all your actions or dislike excessive censorship or amounts of ads. Or you just need something more specialized: gaming streams, educational videos, research material, original art movies.

But, fortunately, the internet allows many people to create independent projects, and there are lots of YouTube alternatives with different features, advantages, and specializations. You'll find your own among them.

Buy the way, if the thing you dislike about YouTube is that videos are hard to download, there is a special program for PC, by which you may save any YouTube video for free.

If your problem is different, read the list below.


  1. If you are a creator of films, photos, music, or just like to watch creative artists, Vimeo is probably the best choice for you. Made by filmmakers, it makes creativity especially convenient and serves as social media for artists.
  2. If you praise your privacy, your choice is DTube — a decentralized blockchain video hosting. No keeping data about you, no ads, moderated by the community, content-making is rewarded with cryptocurrency, and it feels almost like YouTube itself.
  3. Odysee is also an ad-free, blockchain-using media with the possibility to gain cryptocurrency in many ways. 10 credits must be paid to become a creator, but they are easy to get — just by watching videos and writing comments.
  4. Utreon is a relatively new video site notable for almost absent regulations — you don't have to be afraid your videos will be deleted. You may also easily re-upload videos from YouTube here.
  5. Twitch is a famous streaming service, mostly for video game streams, but with some other content too. It is especially oriented at the communication of the streamer and audience — with its chat, custom emojis, donations.
  6. Dailymotion is a service mostly similar to YouTube, which advantage is a high quality of videos: up to 1080p, up to 4GB possible to upload. The disadvantage is that videos are limited to 20 minutes.
  7. Crackle is mostly devoted to movies and series, including some made especially for that website. Some of its content is praised by critics, so perhaps you'll find there something special for you.
  8. If you are a student or a scientist, or just like researching, The Open Video Projectis a good option for you: it features many video materials from different old times, a lot of educational films, and even the NASA archive. You may search them by genre, duration, presence of color and sound, specific collections.
  9. TED Talksfeatures a lot of original short videos by speakers who have something interesting, unusual, or thought-provoking to tell. How COVID changed the cities, what should we take to space and leave behind, can we build a wooden skyscraper? There are many questions like that.
  10. 9GAG is one the biggest meme community, where funny videos and photos may be easily shared to social media networks. Memes are divided into categories, such as shower thoughts, cosplay, 18+, and many more.
  11. Metacafe is a video hosting even older than YouTube — dating back to the 90s. Good choice for quick guides, reviews, and funny content — the inrerface is as clear as possible.

Choose a website by your preferences, don't think it's a monopoly. There is something for everyone and specifically for you if you'll search carefully!

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