6 Reasons Proper Referencing in Essays Matters

Proper Referencing in Essays Matters

“If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” These words by Sir Isaac Newton in a letter he wrote to Robert Hooke show that contrary to what people believe, scientists don't usually know everything. They sometimes need the help of others.

When it comes to academic writing, proper referencing and citation are imperative. Referencing simply shows proof to support your claims and where it comes from. Besides putting your work in context and demonstrating the depth of your research, it acknowledges other people's writings.

Simply put, you can't just write an essay based on some sources that you don't cite. To see the right way of using resources for your assignments, get a reference from a homework writing service. Professional writers will integrate useful information from related sources in the right way, which you can then refer to as a citation example in your future works.

Rules of academic writing demonstrate that you must show which ideas and concepts are yours and which belong to other sources. Whether you choose to paraphrase, summarize, or quote directly, all information should be cited unless the information is a common fact. So, why is this important?

Before getting into the nitty-gritty, here is what a citation is.

Understanding Referencing

Citation is simply showing the exact place you got your words from. There are two ways you can cite your work: an in-text and a bibliography citation.

The in-text citation is a type of reference made within the body of an essay. It alerts the reader that that phrase or quote is from another person.

On the other hand, bibliography citation involves giving the full source of all your information. It is placed in alphabetical order at the end of academic research or paper.

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Importance of Referencing and Citations

Importance of Referencing and Citations

Now that we've got that covered, here are all the reasons why you should cite your paper properly.

Prevents Plagiarism

You've probably heard of plagiarism as academic dishonesty within your class or on campus. Plagiarism is a serious offense. It is considered theft and fraud. To some extent, it is a violation of the United States copyright laws.

By definition, plagiarism presents other people's words, phrases, ideas, or entire writing as your own. Plagiarism takes many forms:

  • Summarizing other people's research without giving credit.
  • Presenting another person's writings even if you paid for them.
  • Taking any length of someone's work without acknowledging them.

It is even possible to plagiarize yourself. Your essay will be deemed plagiarized if you use work that you already used before and don't cite it. All schools, colleges, and universities have a policy against using other people's copy on theses, essays, and dissertations. You can even be dismissed from campus if you're caught.

You Become a Better Writer

Nothing shows you are a better writer than placing references on your essays. You show that you know what you are discussing on your paper and eliminate intellectual laziness and sloppy writing.

You demonstrate the depth of your research and have a great understanding of that particular subject.

Show the Reader's the Source of Your Research

When you reference and cite your paper, you show the reader where your work comes from and direct them to where they can do more research about the given topic of discussion. Using proper references will provide accuracy for your essay and minimize or eliminate any ambiguities.

You Give Your Essay Credibility

When you write your paper and add references, you show your readers that you did good research and used experts’ findings from that field. By providing sources for your essay, you demonstrate that your work is accurate, and in case one needs to disprove it, they can check the sources you've given.

Every time you use someone else's copy, ensure you cite its author, whether it is a textbook or a journal article. By doing this, you give credit to your thesis.

It Shows You're Knowledgeable on Scientific Matters

When you include a bibliography citation, you show that you have done extensive research on that particular subject. The list placed at the end of your academic paper allows the readers to verify the figures and statements.

Provides Better Verification

Before academic writing gets into a website or print media, it must go through a verification process. Your essay will be much better for you and easier for editors if you provide proper citations and references.

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Types of References

Types of References

If you want to cite your essay, there are different ways to do it, and they all depend on the type of academic writing you are working on:

  • American Psychological Association(APA) – Education, sciences, and Psychology use these types of references.
  • Modern Language Association(MLA) – Humanities subjects use this type of referencing.
  • Chicago/Turabian Style citation – this type of citation is used to cite business, fine arts, and historical writings.
  • Chicago Style Footnote Citation – this is a type of citation provided by the Chicago manual, used in various subject areas.

Final Word

Becoming a good writer is more than just writing good content. It is about thorough research and giving credit to the authors you sourced your research from. Referencing and citation are an important part of academic writing. Besides giving credibility to your essay and showing how knowledgeable you are on the given topic, you avoid plagiarism – a serious academic offense.

There are several ways you can cite your work. If you are a student, you don't have to use all of them since only three are needed in academic essays. However, if you intend to become a researcher or engage in future academic writings, you should familiarize yourself with all of them. This is because of all the benefits references have on academic essays.

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