12 Effective Presentation Tricks To Get Funded

Effective Presentation Tricks To Get Funded

You need presentation skills if you want to sell your idea, product, or service. Developing presentation skills is not the easiest task, but knowing about presentation deck basics will make it easier for you.

So, let us look at 12 effective presentation tricks for pitching an idea:

1. Keep Your Slide Design Simple

Keep Your Slide Design Simple

To create a great pitch deck template, you need to focus on your content. Also, the slide's design is equally important, but it should not distract the audience and should be simple and elegant so that people can easily read and understand it.

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2. Focus on Your Audience and the Problem of Your Product

Before creating your pitch deck design, ask yourself this one question: “Why does somebody need my product?” It will help you in figuring out what type of information should go into your pitch deck.

It is also crucial and necessary that you know who you are pitching to, i.e., their background? How much do they know about your area? What is their attitude? You need to know what will interest them and why they should be interested in your product.

3. Address the Problem and Solution or Your Product and Customer

Address the Problem and Solution or Your Product and Customer

If you talk about the problem before your solution, it will not work out well for you. Make sure that you address the problem first, followed by how your product will solve this problem.

Also, make sure that you focus on who likes your product and how customers use it when talking about the customer.

4. Be Brief and Don't Forget to Include Key Points

Remember that you are not making a movie; people don't want to watch one as well. Make your presentation as summarized as possible and avoid jargon. Also, take note that you don't need to explain every single feature of the product.

5. Start With a Bang to Have the Best Pitch Decks

Start With a Bang to Have the Best Pitch Decks

The first slide is going to make an impression on them, so make sure it looks good and starts by addressing the question: “What's In It For Me?” (WIIFM).

6. Use Reference Slides Effectively and Don't Forget to Mention Awards You've Won

Including relevant reference slides at the end is a great idea but do mention awards that you have won, along with listing your references near the end of your presentation.

7. Justify Your Claim, Be Clear, and Convincing

When you are talking about the product's features, make sure that you talk about their benefits as well. For instance, if you are saying one feature is good for SEO, tell them how it helps improve SEO ranking.

Also, don't give vague answers and try to be as clear as possible when answering questions – this will prove that you have done your research!

8. See the Bigger Picture but Keep It Simple

See the Bigger Picture but Keep It Simple

The biggest mistake in creating an investor pitch deck is making it too complicated. One wrong graph/chart could cost you an opportunity, so try to keep it simple by imagining yourself explaining things to your grandma or your parents – will they understand it?

9. Make It Interactive (If Possible)

You can make your presentation interactive by throwing questions to the audience after each slide. This way, you'll relate to them better and gauge their interest in your product.

10. Deliver the Speech With Confidence and Believability

Of course, this is easier said than done! But you need to remember that it reflects on your face and tone if you are nervous, which is not good for business. Stay calm and composed because people make decisions based on how confident you seem about what you are saying. Even if something goes wrong, don't panic but instead carry out a workaround as smoothly as possible.

11. Showcase the Working Product to Them

If possible, show a working demo of your product to the audience instead of just talking about it in words. It will help them get a better understanding and even convince them more easily.

12. Have Yourself a Goal in Mind!

Always think from their perspective and your end, i.e., what do you want out of this pitch? What is the goal that you are trying to achieve with this presentation? Do you want them to sign up for beta testing or be number one on Google? Think about your goals, and once they are clear. Follow the points mentioned above and accordingly to make it work!

The Easiest Way To Create Presentations

The Easiest Way To Create Presentations

Venngage provides a collection of easy-to-use presentation templates that you can use to create stunning presentation decks in no time without requiring any graphic design background. No more struggling with boring presentation designs! Just download & start creating amazing presentations.

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