How to Choose the Best Computer for Online Gaming

Best Computer for Online Gaming

The online gaming industry generates an incredible amount of revenue thanks to the sheer variety of players who appreciate all that these platforms have to offer. However, we also need to remember that technology is advancing at a truly incredible pace.

This is the main reason why choosing the right software and hardware is critical if you hope to make the most out of what exists throughout the virtual community. What factors should be addressed in advance?

Are there any types of computers which tend to be better suited for gaming than others? If you are planning on an upgrade in the near future, it pays to take a look at some of the more technical aspects of gaming.

The “Nuts and Bolts”: The Operating System

The Operating System

For the sake of argument, we will not delve into what type of operating system (such as Mac, Windows or Linux) is the best in terms of gaming. After all, everyone normally forms their own opinions over time. We are instead referring to basic system concerns such as memory, processing speed and RAM.

The majority of experts agree that at least 16 gigabytes of memory will help to ensure smooth gameplay while avoiding frustrating issues such as freezing and lagging. Having said this, at least eight gigabytes of RAM should be available at any given time. In the event that you cannot afford a computer with this level of free memory, remember that it is always possible to upgrade your existing RAM in the future. Furthermore, not all games will require this much space. Take a look at the technical requirements associated with the platform to learn more.

The Display Screen

How large is too large in terms of a display screen? This is somewhat of a subjective question and the answer will once again depend upon the type of game that you plan on playing. However, most enthusiasts tend to agree that bigger is better.

For example, those who regularly access a UK casino online may prefer screens that are 15 inches or larger when playing games which require visual acuity (such as slots or bingo). RPG aficionados may require even more massive screens in order to clearly make out small details such as the avatars of their teammates.

It is also prudent to choose an LCD TN (Twisted Nematic) display. This variant offers the highest refresh rates when playing fast-paced platforms.



Many PC-based games rely heavily upon keyboard inputs. This is when traditional keyboards may fall short of the mark. The keys are not as responsive to the touch, so costly mistakes can be made during an intense gaming session. It could be better to pay slightly more for a mechanical keyboard. These keys provide a greater degree of tactile feedback.

Many mechanical variants offer backlit keys if you play in the dark and it is possible to purchase ergonomic designs (in order to avoid possible issues such as pain in the wrists). Mechanical keyboard will often come equipped with impressive warranties in the rare event that a problem occurs.

Graphics Cards

Graphics cards can make all of the difference in the world between a standard online gaming experience and one which is truly immersive and entertaining. The main point behind any graphics card is to essentially “supercharge” the capability of a standard processor. There are countless brands available and as always, some are considered to be better than others. Here are a handful of the top developers:

  • The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080
  • The AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT
  • The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

Each of these brands will deliver impressive results and some (such as the RTX 3060 Ti) are quite affordable if you are dealing with a limited budget.

Hardware Compatibility

Hardware Compatibility

Compatibility is a final issue to address before concluding. We need to remember that many games now boast unique opportunities such as the ability to play within a virtual world (known as augmented reality or “AR”).

Therefore, make it a point to determine if the operating system is compatible with AR headsets and other amenities such as tactile controllers. We are not only referring to the operating system in this sense, but also the number of USB ports that are present.

Modern Computers for Cutting-Edge Games

Some of the most avid online gaming enthusiasts will spend a great deal of money in order to procure the latest software and hardware on the market. Even if you cannot afford such an investment, there are plenty of ways in which you can augment the overall experience by following the tips and tricks mentioned above.

Considering how far this community has already become, there is no doubt that even more amazing advancements will take place in the very near future.

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