How to Sign Up on Any App With Virtual Phone Numbers?

Sign Up on Any App With Virtual Phone Numbers

The peak of popularity of virtual phone numbers passed a few years ago. But despite this, nowadays they are still being used by many people, and the demand for them is constantly growing again. This is due to the fact that many online applications are starting to pay more and more attention to their security systems.

In result, without passing the phone number verification process most of their key features stay unavailable, while some services such as messengers cannot be used at all.

But it is not always possible to use for this own phone number or it is required to create second accounts on some online apps. These are exactly the cases in which virtual phone numbers are revealed to the best extent since they solve both issues.

What is a virtual phone number

What is a virtual phone number

In fact, a virtual phone number is no different from a real one. It is also exists, have its own dialing code and belongs to the certain cell phone carrier. But unlike a real phone number its SIM card is connected to online server instead the mobile phone or tablet. It is done with special hardwares such as GSM modem or GoIP gateway which are virtually indistinguishable and work almost the same way.

Once connected, it becomes possible to see all the incoming digital data on server that phone number is connected to and provide it to other people by giving them an access. There is no need to have for this the cell phone at all.

With all the settings done phone number can be used to send or receive phone calls and text messages from all over the world through any modern device that is connected to the internet. This is why it is considered virtual.

The benefits of such a service

The most important benefit of virtual phone numbers is obvious. It is presented by the possibility to create with them multiple accounts on different online platforms without buying additional SIM cards which leads to saving a lot of time and money. But there are also other advantages of using such a service. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Complete privacy. Using virtual phone numbers is absolutely private. It is not required to provide any personal information to sign up with them on no matter what app. At the same time it is also not possible to find out its user so even if it is leaked there is no need to worry about anything.
  • Wide choice. Virtual phone numbers are being provided from all currently existing countries. So every request can be solved. Even if it is about working with phone numbers from such an exotic places as Maldives, Madagascar or Iceland.
  • Unlimited use. Not any user is limited in how many virtual phone numbers he can use. It depends only on the tasks and opportunities. There are those who receive thousands verification codes every day without facing any issues.

To summarize the above, virtual phone numbers have a lot of advantages and are great for creating multiple accounts on different apps, promoting business on social media platforms or simply protecting privacy while surfing the internet. And, fortunately, they can be easily obtained at an affordable price.

How to sign up on any app with virtual phone numbers

How to sign up on any app with virtual phone numbers

The first step to create an account on any app with a virtual phone number is to get such a number. It can be simply done within few minutes at SMS-Man. This platform provides disposable and rental virtual phone numbers with dialing codes of more than a hundred countries at one of the lowest prices on the market.

At the same time it allows their users to receive verification codes from various apps, of course, including the most popular messengers, social media platforms and email services such as Gmail and Yahoo. So there is a solution for every kind of task.

Once virtual phone number is received it should be used just like a real phone number. After entering it into the selected application, a confirmation code will be sent to it. This code is used to complete the account creation process. If a dialing code of the phone number is different from the country of sender it is recommended to use special software for changing IP that allow to connect to the virtual private network and thus change the location data. It could be VPN as well as proxy.

Some applications check both parameters and if they do not match verification code may not be sent on security purpose. This is especially true for singing up on all the messengers, which pay the most attention to this moment.

To sign up on the same app once again you just need to get a new virtual phone number and simply repeat the steps from above. As mentioned earlier there are no restrictions in regard the number of registered accounts.

Thanks to this anyone can start using virtual phone numbers to become more secure while surfing on the internet or promoting his business with maximum efficiency.

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