Why Should One Use Proxies for Sneakers

Why Should One Use Proxies for Sneakers

Quests for new ways to improve your sneaker copping might be endless, or it can end here. If you find it difficult to overcome new limitations or even blocks that are thrown in your way before getting that new pair of desired sneakers, you came to the right place.

Many sneakerheads are reaching new heights in their success because they are using proxies.

A proxy is an intermediary server that allows you to change your IP address and stay anonymous while surfing the internet. It’s important not merely for your data protection overall.

Using bots, extensively researching or refreshing the page on the sneaker stores’ websites, or breaking the limit of allowed purchases per customer are also legit reasons for falling in the loop of various restrictions. All these problems can be solved by using proxies.

Let’s look particularly at how they work on these matters.

Overcoming reCAPTCHA checkups

reCAPTCHA checkups

Anyone can get annoyed in those checkups where you have to confirm that you are not a robot. This issue may be more than a matter of convenience for hunting new shoes.

When you are spending too much time on the site, or you are exceeding the number of requests that a site allows, this checkup will pop up. Whether you are using bots or doing this manually, sooner than later, this request to confirm yourself will be thrown at you.

By spending extra time for this confirmation, you can lose the opportunity to buy that brand new pair of Jordans, Reeboks, or Nikes and see only others sneaking them from your fingertips.

Using proxies helps you to reallocate all your requests as if they would come from different customers. Each request or group of them is identified through different IP addresses that you are using through the proxy server, therefore, you are not linked to them. It helps mask yourself and not get checked too often.

Proxies let you reduce such confirmation requests to the minimum.

Bypassing limits for number of purchases

sneaker purchases limit

Many stores set limits on how many sneakers a customer can buy. This policy is extremely applied when a limited edition of sneakers comes out. Since lots of customers are willing to buy them as fast as they can before there’s nothing left to buy, limits are being set.

However, a proxy server allows you to have multiple accounts that are not linked with each other because each of them can have different IP addresses.

A different IP address for each purchase means the store’s website sees all of them as different customers. This way, the limit set for customers falls apart.

Of course, you could use multiple accounts without proxies, but they would be linked together by the same IP address. The same happens even more so if you are using bots. After being identified through your IP address, not only your purchases could be blocked, but you might end up blacklisted too.

Proxies untie any bonds that might be seen between your accounts. Consequently, you are no longer at great risk of getting blocked or limited the way you were before.

Reinforcing sneaker servers

sneaker servers

If you are using sneaker servers for a better performance in sneaker copping, proxies might be useful as well.

Sneaker servers ensure you with better speed, power, and internet connection. If you would read more about these features that are central to successful sneaker copping, you could see that security and reliability to these features is a key difference. It can be achieved when sneaker servers and proxies are used in combination.

Besides, the usage of multiple bots takes lots of power, so using a sneaker server to boost that power and help your bots work more efficiently might be of no use if your bots get caught up. Using proxies helps your bots avoid getting caught and blocked and, therefore, maximizes your use of sneaker servers.

Setting your bots free

sneaker bots use

Bots are helpful in the sneaker copping process, sometimes even inevitable. Unfortunately, many stores try to block them and look seriously at any suspicious activities that might indicate any use of them.

It’s the same problem with bots as with too extensive manual activity – it all raises the risk of getting restricted or blocked.

For obvious reasons, bots are more prone to seem like not regular customers. They use your IP address and are easily traced back to you. Moreover, if your bots are caught in a reCAPTCHA checkup, they might not overcome it since they are robots and can’t confirm that they are not.

Your bots can be liberated from these restrictions with the help of proxies. A proxy server works the same way with bots – all their requests appear with different IP addresses. Different IPs directly convert in no linkage between them.

This way, not only your bots won’t seem connected with you or among themselves, but they will less likely be identified as actual bots at all.


Buying sneakers, especially in big amounts and of limited editions, requires lots of obstacles not only to be overstepped but avoided altogether because quickness is the key to success when we are talking about sneaker copping. Proxies help to minimize these obstacles.

With different IP addresses than your original one, you can use multiple bots, avoid getting too many re CAPTCHA checkups and break limits for the purchases per customer. Using additional tools, like sneaker servers, also can be maximized when used together with proxies.

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