Best Software Tools for Better Student Performance

Best Software Tools

Being a student is not an easy time. You make first adult steps and are eager to live life. There are many study tasks to cope with and other things to do, and, consequently, lots of worries on how to handle all those matters effectively. Is that a situation that appears to be similar to the one you have in your life now?

Surely, there are many ways out of problematic situations. You may sacrifice some things to do. You may also ask somebody professional to “write my essay for me” (or any other task you may have) and focus on doing more relevant or interesting assignments.

But, what to do with all other things important for a student, like leisure activities, hobbies, meetings? These things are also crucial for better development as a personality. What to do? We have an answer to that question – arrange your schedule better and use advanced technical tools for that.

Initial Points

For Arranging Schedule

Students frequently face a situation when one or another tool is not working or works but not in a manner a student expected. Does that appear to be familiar to you? Of course, we don't speak about situations related to some technical failures. We presume that tools work well. So, where the problems may be? Here are useful tips to detect those.

  • How many things do you have to do? To arrange all things more or less well, you need to be clear about the exact amount of things you have to do. Perfectly, if you can take into account time parameters for those too.
  • Where do your priorities lie? Fairly speaking, you may always detect those things you need, like, or find burdensome to do. For the last category of tasks, you may easily find a college essay writing service that can help you to unload. For the rest of things, you need to range priorities, for sure.
  • How much time do you have in total apart from the time for compulsory studies and sleep? You need to be clear about time at your disposal. This is the only way for arranging it well a bit later.
  • What are your main distractors? What things steal your time, like procrastination, movies, having chats, etc. If you cannot eliminate those, try to decrease at least – devote a specific portion of time and control yourself. That will be helpful for sure.
  • Which things bring you the pleasure you cannot sacrifice? We speak about your hobbies, pets, or similar things that help you develop a personality. For instance, if you like painting, this is an amazing way to relax your brain and switch between tasks you have. You will be surprised that your productivity may even boost afterward. So, leave if you enjoy them.
  • What tips about productivity do you know? This knowledge is reachable. There are many productivity websites that suggest tested strategies and tips. You may find lots of examples there. Learn those simple tricks to make your life easier.
  • Do you use any extra software? Technical tools are other things that can make your life easier. Finding and using educational software will help to arrange your time and study matters better.
  • Do you make your schedule and track the progress? Do that. Sometimes things can be done only if they were listed and tracked. If you don’t have any progress at the moment, do all possible things to arrange that. Focus on solving tasks, leave excuses. It is possible to cope with most issues well, including thanks to referring for professional help.

If you need more precise info about basic apps that may help you with arranging your study-life balance, here is what we offer you to try.

For Arranging Schedule


This is an amazing app for gaining amazing experience of arranging all your things to do, from student ages. This tool has a built-in custom calendar where a user can shortlist all tasks, exams, and life plans at stake. Think about making to-do lists with strict deadlines you should follow. Your tasks can be completed much easier thanks to this app.

One Calendar

If you need a tool to manage your calendar(-s), this is the right choice for you. Indicate here all important meetings, appointments, and form a clear overview of all things you need to do. This is a helpful thing for arranging complex challenges.


This app is frequently considered to be one of the best organizational tools. It is popular both among students and professionals. It is extremely helpful for arranging study, job, and life plans a user may have. Use this tool to manage coping with all things before a deadline. To-do lists are available also and will help you too.

For Docs

For Docs

Microsoft 365 Online

If you need a basic tool for working with your doc and having backup copies, Microsoft 365 Online is an amazing application to help you with that. It has a convenient interface and all features to arrange work properly. Only make sure you have a stable internet connection.

Google Drive

If you want to save your files and have a convenient place for working with those, Google Drive is the exact option to consider. It is one of the best and safest solutions. You may easily use it and synchronize all data between a tool and your computer. The definite advantage is availability and integration with different platforms.


This is one of the easiest and effective tools for resolving grammar problems any student may have while studying. This tool is free. But, you may order extra features for a moderate subscription. Grammarly may help you with enhancing grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It is very helpful for learning grammar rules during the checking process.

For Other Important Matters

For Other Important Matters


This is a free cyber security tool. Among the advantages of this software are its applicability for different computers and laptops (even for old ones) and amazing performance (without slowing down a device). This application is compatible with major platforms, like iOS, Android, and PC. Phishing protection is also included.


This tool may be extremely helpful for managing passwords you have. It is open-source and totally free. It is also audited by third-party security companies. The application works with major Internet browsers. Its basic version is free of any charge. But, you may purchase an additional 1GB of encrypted info storage with priority customer service and two-factor authentication. Sounds good, isn't it?

Final Words

Don't neglect productivity matters starting from student ages. The better you learn doing these things – the better that will be for your study performance and further life. Learn effective strategies, find workable free software for students (or use suggested tools), make your schedule, and track the progress. Don't waste your student time but always find opportunities for arranging things well.

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