3 Problems of a Novice Designer

Novice Designer

The graphic design genre was born from posters, advertisements, and other types of printed information. Today, a graphic designer is at the crossroads between the latest technologies and the digital interface, but the role remains the same – using visual language to deliver an important message to the addressee.

Every budding designer has problems. You can look for a solution yourself, but it's easier to ask a professional for advice. In this article, we'll show you where to get inspiration and original images to work with, how to determine which of their ideas are the best, how to sketch and draft, and fine-tune the final project.

Challenge one – finding source of content and ideas

Finding source of content and ideas

Not all people are good at generating ideas. But even if you are a creative person, sometimes your imagination just leaves you, and it is difficult to find a starting point. There is nothing wrong with using someone else's ideas. Many go to social media for inspiration.

If you find something really original, use the free Instagram photo downloader for PC to save a selection of interesting photos in a special folder that you can refer to when your muse has left you. The Instagram image downloader created by Inflact is free, and you can get an image from any public profile in a couple of clicks in just 30 seconds.

The hardest thing to start with is drawing the first line on a blank piece of paper. Let's solve this problem. For example, you need to come up with a creative advertisement for a down jacket. First, formulate a task for yourself by answering the question: what does a down jacket look like? It resembles a cloud! The down jacket consists of a down, it is very airy and light.

Now draw it in your head. Done? Then the simplest thing is to transfer thoughts to paper. The cloud is very easy to draw – it's a few circles connected together. In the process, we generated several ideas but chose only one metaphor – the cloud. It is important to generate various ideas so that you have plenty to select from.

Challenge two – come up with an idea

Secondly, you must understand one significant aspect: graphic design is rarely a representative representation of an object. Most often, it is an abstract image that conveys a broader idea. Drawing just a down jacket in the “services” section of dry cleaning is banal and boring, and most importantly, your customer will not appreciate it.

Remember, the main idea is that you are contacted because the clients themselves are not able to solve their problems well. An advanced client can find a picture with a down jacket himself and put it on the site.

Problem three – choose the best idea

Choose the best idea

The third problem of novice designers. They typically get attached to the first idea, making it difficult for them to come up with more than one idea. As a rule, these are 10 sketches in the first iteration, 3-5 sketches in the second, and 3 finalized sketches in the final stage. The goal of an aspiring designer is to learn how to evaluate sketches and turn them into sketches using creative strategies.

Your task is to explore many ideas in order to find the best solution to the issue. To do this, you need to use a creative strategy – create sketches to quickly evaluate ideas on paper. In the process, you need to evaluate the sketches and turn them into sketches.

It is these rough sketches that contain the insight and serve as the basis for the future concept and the final result. Often sketches are presented to the client in order to make sure that the projects are on the right track.

Once the concepts are approved, they turn into a neatly executed and finished product. If you work in a team, ask your colleagues for advice. If you're a freelancer, you can always ask a family member or friend.

The idea should be so clear that it is understood by the person who sees the project for the first time. If it needs to be explained further, discard this concept. Remember that the secret of design is simplicity.

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