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Want to rip movies from Disney plus streaming video service? With the y2mate Disney downloader, you get to see the best movies and high-quality entertainment all the time.

Disney Plus is a leading OTT movie streaming service designed to make a difference in digital viewing. The befitting digital service comes with many movies that provide clean entertainment.

On Disney Plus, you have options to watch a variety of movies, including the Black is King, Howard, Magic Camp, The One and Only Ivan, Phineas and Ferb, The Movie: Candace Saves The Universe, Mulan, The Secret Society of Second-Born Royals, Clouds, Taylor Swift: Folklore, Black Beauty, Safety, Soul, Flora & Ulysses, Raya, and The Last Dragon, Own the Room, Secrets of the Whales, et cetera. and many more.

Disney+ is indeed a fantabulous video streaming service, honored with the collection of more than 600 movies besides several TV shows in digital format to turn on high voltage entertainment on your mobile screens.

It appeared in the service in the year 2019. Moreover, the comprehensive watch list available at Disney+ will let you track the entertainment you wish to watch and what you have already watched before.

Did you know that it is easy to rip movies from Disney plus, such as West Side Story (2021), with the supremacy of y2mate Disney downloader and several features? Read further to discover more:-

West Side Story (2022): The Celluloid Romance with No Ending  

West Side Story

West Side Story is an excellent American film with plenty of drama and romance connected to it. The film is a creative work of noted film director – Steven Spielberg and dramatic events empowered by none other than the likes of Tony Kushner.

Ansel Elgort and Rachel Zegler are the front lead actors that make the best portrayal by their melodramatic actions that ultimately keep everyone glued to the screens.

The flick came as a super-duper box office hit, and it totaled more than $72 million after spending $100 million in the making. Nevertheless, West Side Story was quick enough to get seven nominations in the 94th Academy Awards, and it also includes the accolades for the top-notch picture, receiving acclaims from the National Board of Review and the American Film Institute.

West Side Story has got four consecutive choices in 79th Golden Globe Awards and won three, which comprises Best Picture for Musical/Comedy. The film also claims to be the Best Actress portrayed in the Motion Picture – Comedy and Musical for Zegler, apart from the Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture for DeBose.

The film scene opens in 1957 when a small, petty gang of young white lads put a stiff blow against Puerto Rican Sharks and start controlling the San Juan Hill strategically situated on Manhattan's western side. The white Mafia is planning for the control, and the extent of this control is quite killing.

The entry of Officer Krupke and Lieutenant Schrank try to neutralize the battle by holding up against each of the gangs and letting them know that the reason they have entered in battle has absolutely no point.

The pointlessness is described because the neighborhood for which the gang members have posed the fight will be completely obliterated only to plan out the headway for the Lincoln Center. The life of each of the members of the white gangs will soon change, and this change is going to be an ultimate hell.

The demolishing and obliterating act would ultimately lead the route for Lincoln Center. But the reality is that the gang member and their leaders care a damn about these things. Each gang leader starts feeling that they have godly power to rule the area. The leader of the Jets gang, Riff, finally plans out a fight within the two gangs to settle out the best proposition.

Riff connects to his criminal crony named Tony to seek help when Tony says NO Riff goes to Valentina for help, and she is the proud owner in Puerto Rico for the branded general store. Maria, the sister of Shark leader – Bernardo, gets engaged to the friend of Bernardo, but she finds herself involved in the fights with him for gaining freedom.

Maria meets Tony at a local dance event in the spurt of love, irritating Bernardo. Now the gang leader Bernardo has some other actions in his mind. He gets out straight for the Riff to plan for the flight, and he will attend the fight provided Tony becomes the part of the fight.

On the other hand, Tony reiterates his strong love and commitment towards Maria, and both of them have now decided to meet on the following day. On the other hand, Bernardo picks up the fight with his long-term girlfriend, Anita, on human existence in New York. Anita is adamant about the fact that she believes in the American dream.

But to Bernardo, everything that connects to American Dream seems nothing else but fake idealism. Police take Jets into custody and starts enquiring about rumble, but finally, Jets puts up straight words – he has no idea about the fight.

Tony puts Maria straight on to the date in the cloisters in the Upper Manhattan region. In the meantime, Tony divulges his troubled antecedents and says that he served the sentence of a year after he killed a rival gang member.

Maria asks Tony to lead a normal life, and both of them then decide that they will not let the gang fight happen. Instead, they both take the pledge of love and commitment towards each other. In the process, Tony makes diligent efforts by calling off the rumble with the idea of thieving the brand new gun, only to find that after a while, Jet steals the gun from the Riff.

Schrank later takes the case into his own hands and orders Krupke and fellow police members to prevent the fight from happening. Unfortunately, all efforts to stop the fight from every corner make no outcome, with Bernardo fatally stabbing the Riff. Tony is filled with rage, and he kills Bernardo. The gang members soon disappear from the scene while Chino takes the gun in his possession.

Maria openly avows her love for Tony, but for Chino, it is the moment to turn Maria against Tony. Both Maria and Tony plan for an escape.

What turn does the plot ultimately take? How do the Mafia and the love settle in the rest of the storyline? How do the characters carry forward the storyline? What ends do they meet?

West Side Story (2021) is an amazing and sensational movie for the whites, by the whites, and of the whites. The melodrama and action cross over different aspects. Several flicks with interesting plots like West Side Story (2021). With the help of y2mate Disney downloader, you can rip movies from Disney plus hassle-free.

How to Screen Record Disney plus or How can You Download the Movies from Disney Plus with Y2Mate Disney Plus Downloader?

How to Screen Record Disney plus

Y2Mate is a great video downloader available online. This video downloader is designed to download high-quality videos efficiently, and popular TV shows instantly follow the three streamlined steps.



Visit the official website of Y2Mate and then install and download the digital video downloader. After downloading it, launch the downloader.



With the help of your login details, get access to Disney+ and begin crossing over the popular movies and various TV shows that you intend to download and later watch offline.



Get through the customization procedures and choose the subtitles and the audio options. Finally, press “Download Now,” and you can easily see the video being downloaded gradually in the background while you are still busy watching the movie.

Subscription Plan for the Y2mate Disney downloader

Want to subscribe to the best Disney+ Downloader within the budget. There are attractive subscription plans out there. The monthly plan starts with US $19.9 and is billed every month. It comes with a 1 PC License, and there are several monthly free updates available on this subscription plan. In addition, the plan comes with 7 days of refund guarantee.

The annual subscription plan is available at US $ 4.99 and is billed annually at US $ 59.9. It can be availed for 1 PC license, and there are free updates available throughout the year. The lifetime plan is available for US $ 149.9 and applicable for the whole life until you are using the plan. The subscription plan is valid on 3 PC licenses and comes with 14 days of the money-back guarantee.

Verdict on Y2mate Disney downloader

Do you want to rip movies from Disney Plus? With the power of the y2mate Disney downloader, it is possible. West Side Story (2021), or any other movie, there is always a great show and movies available on Disney Plus, and these can be downloaded quickly with the help of new features of the Y2Mate downloader.

The third-party tool is designed to excel and make a quirky difference to your entertainment. You may check out the best subscription plans on Y2mate Disney downloader.

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