VPN Vs. Proxy: What Is the Difference?

vpn vs. proxy

People use proxy and VPN to hide their IP address and online identity. The reason behind hiding IP address could be any. For example, many people are concern about their online privacy. They don’t want to share information about their online activity with anyone, including the telecom company who provides the internet.

On the other hand, companies use VPN and proxies to make their business secure from hackers and to stop their ideas got leaked, etc. Other than this, general users use proxies to unblock website and content which is not available in their countries. For example, a popular website like Netflix does not provide you enough content if you watch is from anywhere else than the USA. In short, there could be any reason behind using a VPN or proxy.

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In technical terms, there is not much difference in proxy and VPN. For a general user, it is not necessary to know the difference except to know the disadvantage and advantage of using both of them. So, instead of explaining to you what is VPN and what is proxy, I am going to share with the list of benefits you can get from both of them.

For a newbie who wants to unblock websites and censored content, it could be difficult to decide which path is better for him. Whether he uses proxy or VPN to surf the internet in a more secure way and unblock website etc. To make the decision easy, following I am sharing the list of benefits of using Proxy and VPN. This will surely help you to pick the best way of unblocking websites, downloading torrents and make your internet activates more personal.

Benefits of Using VPN

  • Enhance your online security

When you use internet through VPN, your online data keep secure and encrypted from the hackers because VPN provides you a new identity, which makes it impossible for hackers to track you.

  • Hide IP address online

The purpose of using VPN is to hide your IP address so that no one can track you back including the government and telecom company who is providing you internet services.

  • Open blocked website

By hiding your IP address with the help of VPN, you can open those websites which are blocked in your country or network connection. Also, by changing the IP address, you can take advantage of those services which are not available in your country like Netflix or torrent, etc.

  • High internet speed

If you compare VPN with Proxy, then you will found out that VPN provides you better internet speed because the same proxy has been used by multiple people are a time including free users where this does not happen in VPN.

  • Reduce cost

The cost of a VPN may look high if you compare it with VPN but as compare to its benefits and number of features, VPN is cost effective and cheaper than proxy

  • VPN masked all internet activity

Proxy only works with the specific browser, software, and application where this does not happen in case of VPN because VPN changes the IP address of whole internet connection where in proxy you need to put proxy information in torrent client separately.

  • Download torrents

While all VPN companies do not provide you options to download torrents through their server but still there is the number of VPN companies who have not set any restriction on their users regarding downloading torrent files anonymously even on uTorrent and BitTorrent clients.

  • No ads like a proxy

If you are using a Free web proxy to hide your IP address then you will see many ads all around the website but this does not happen with VPN, even you are using free VPN services.

Benefits of Using Proxy Server

Like VPN, the proxy also help users to hide and change their original IP address to a dummy IP address. By changing your original IP address, you can surf the internet in a more secure way.

  • Internet speed could be faster

If you are visiting a website through the proxy and that specific website has been visited by another user on the same proxy server, then loading time of that specific website would be very fast because the website was already downloaded once on the server by other users.

  • Proxy is easy to use

While proxy required you to change your internet connection setting to use it but still it could be much easy to set up in your computer as compared to VPN if the company you are using for VPN does not provide you their own customized VPN software.

  • Open blocked website

The main use of a web proxy is to open the blocked website. For example in countries like the Middle East or even in China, people prefer to use a web proxy to unblock the blocked websites because it is easy as compared to VPN. No external software or setting required for this.

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  • Proxy is inexpensive

This is the biggest advantage of using a proxy is you are concern about expenses. Using proxy is much cheaper than VPN or any other way to change your IP address.

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Both VPN and Proxy comes up with their own number of benefits which are somehow the same except few. For example, proxy is a cheap way to change your IP address but at the same time it does not provides you strong enough online security like VPN where proxy does not comes up with other benefits like VPN which includes high internet speed, unlimited bandwidth, single person server sharing an option to change your IP address to hundreds of available IP address, etc.

If you asked me which impressed me more, then my answer would be VPN because it provides you more advantage as compared to the proxy. Yes, this is true that purchasing a VPN could be expensive if you did not do enough research and price comparison on the bases of their features but still I will go with VPN.

To make it easy for you, I can tell you about a VPN which is not just cheap in term of price but also provides numerous features and other services for free to their customers. I am talking about ExpressVPN which is ranked number #1 VPN company around the world specifically for their feature of torrent and P2P file sharing options.

Their premium plan for VPN is also one of the cheapest. You can purchase ExpressVPN monthly plan in only $8.32 per month which will unlock all of their high-quality features. Payments can be made through PayPal and credit card all around the world. The company does not have any specific logs policy for its data. They do not store any type of user’s online activities including logs about the torrent download. You can download torrent through ExpressVPN without worrying about getting caught. Although the company offers fast internet downloading speed, which enhances your torrent downloading experience.

The qualifies support team of ExpressVPN offers you high quality of customer servers 24 hours of the day where they have their FAQ section to help the newbie to set up the VPN account on their customized software which allows you to use same VPN account on three different devices at a time without scarifying internet speed.

  • The company has more than 2000+ servers in 148 different countries
  • Protocols offered by ExpressVPN consist of OpenVPN, PPTP, and IKeV2
  • There is no restriction on bandwidth and switching to servers
  • The company offers fast internet speed with no log policy
  • Express VPN has multiple ways to get connected with their support team
  • Customized software to use VPN can be use on 3 different devices at a time.

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