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Federal Communications Commission


FCC ID number search engine

FCC ID Search (Equipment Authorization)

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Software Drivers

If you are trying to locate new software drivers or the manufacturer for a piece of computer equipment, you should first find the name of the manufacturer with the search above then use your favorite Internet search engine  to locate the web site of the manufacturer. Please note that the first three digits of the FCC ID Number are unique for each manufacturer. If you cannot find their web site, try a software driver web site. 

Possible problems and solutions to the message There are no records matching your query.

  • Verify that you have the correct FCC ID.
  • Verify that you have the FCC ID (Part 15) and not the FCC Registration Number (Part 68) (see Definitions above)
  • Remember... hyphens and dashes ARE relevant.
  • Sometimes Ss and 5s, 0s and Os, and 1s and Is, look alike.
  • Search on only the first three characters of the FCC ID which are unique for each grantee.

Server Error

  • If you try the database lookup and get this error. Please try again in a few hours. Please don't send me an E-mail. 

Firewalls and Proxy Servers

This problem typically applies to corporate users. Dial-up users probably wont have problems associated with firewalls and proxy servers.

If you are experiencing problems accessing these servers, (e.g. Clicking on the search button never returns information or the browser times out.) the problem may not be at the FCC.  Many firewalls are not setup correctly for access to there system. For you to access these servers, either your firewall must allow http traffic on port 8080, your firewall must allow SSL traffic (https) on port 443, or you must setup your browser to use a proxy server. If you are having problems accessing these servers, first ask your computer help desk about your firewall and proxy server configuration.

For example, the FCC has a firewall which allows http traffic on port 80 and https traffic on port 443. However, it doesn't allow http traffic on port 8080. Therefore, if the proxy setting of a browser inside the FCC's firewall is setup to use "Direct Connection to the Internet," the browser could only access the alternate servers using https on port 443 (SSL). If the browser is setup to "Access the Internet Using a Proxy Server" (e.g. internet:80) then the browser would be able to access all of these servers without incident.






  • This equipment authorization database contains records for equipment which was either Certified, Type Accepted, and/or Verified by the FCC.
  • Because of rule changes over the years, not all electronic equipment will have an authorization from the FCC and thus it will NOT be in this database. In general, if your equipment does NOT have an FCC ID number clearly labeled on it, it will NOT be in this equipment authorization database. In fact, the FCC would not have any record of it.
  • The FCC ID is NOT related to the FCC Registration Number under Part 68 Connection of Terminal Equipment to the Telephone Network. However, you can determine the manufacturer of Part 68 equipment from the first three or four characters of the FCC Registration Number and this Part 68 address table (> 800 kB).
  • Typical Labels
Example Information

FCC ID Example



Equipment displaying this label should be in this database.
FCC DoC Example
Declaration of Conformity
Equipment displaying this label would NOT be in this database. The FCC would NOT have any record of this equipment. It is declared to comply with FCC regulations by the manufacturer or importer.

FCC Registration Example

FCC Reg. #
Registration Number
Equipment displaying this label would only be in this database if it also has an FCC ID: label. (e.g older modems) The FCC Registration Number itself would never appear in this database. (See part 68 note above.)


  • The FCC ID consists of two elements, a grantee code and an equipment product code. The FCC ID is assigned for Equipment Authorization under various rules parts including Parts 15, 90, 101...
  • The Grantee Code is the first three characters of the FCC ID and shall consist of Arabic numerals, capital letters, or combination thereof. The Grantee Code is assigned by the Commission permanently to a company for authorization of all radio frequency equipment subject to Certification, Type Acceptance and Notification.
  • The Equipment Product Code (EPC) is assigned by the applicant with a minimum of 1 character and maximum of 14 characters and may consist only of capital letters, Arabic numerals, and the hyphen or dash (-). It is very common practice for applicants to assign the first digit of the EPC as a hyphen (-). In such cases, it is necessary to enter the hyphen (-) as the first character in the second box of the search.






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