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    Install Guide for WindowsME

We all waited a long time for the upgrade to Windows98/98SE:  Windows Millennium.  We have used this new operating system at length and installed it on numerous PCs, mostly to test it.

What did we find?
We found that with the exception of a minor change in color and images, WindowsME installs exactly like it's older brother, Windows 98/98Se.  There exists changes in in the control panel, you will note that it takes an extra step to reach the Device Manager and it demands more ram memory to respond as quick as Windows98.

So...  we decided to recommend you use our existing Guide to Installing Windows98 as a Guide to installing WindowsME.  It

Guide to Installing Windows98/ME

So, did we chicken out from spending the time to write this whole new guide? Not really.  It just seemed rather redundant since you can so easily use the Install guide for Windows98.


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