15 Best Online Translators to Translate Any Language of 2023

Best Online Translators

When you talk with a foreign friend, or when you need to translate a foreign contract, online translation is certainly your best help.

Various online translators offer different translation services. You can use the translation software if there are language barriers and you need to communicate. This is essential when you are not familiar with a foreign language.

These translation tools will help you to feel at ease while using foreign language phrases. They offer both simple translation and hard-word translations. This is without compromising the quality of translation.

1. Google Translate

Supports online translation in commonly used languages.
Google Translate

The interface is simple and supports translation into more than one hundred languages.You can use it to upload articles, documents, forms, PPT, PDF, and other file formats.

If you have logged into your Google account, you can save your translated sentences and articles. Click the five-pointed star icon in the translation box on the right to save your translated sentences. It is easy to use, and you can track all the translated information.

2. Bing translator

Supports common language translation and offline access.
Bing translator


Bing Microsoft Translator is one of the best online translators. Not only does it translate text, but it offers commonly used phrases in different languages. In addition, it offers offline support and supports 90 languages. However, it doesn’t automatically detect the input language. Moreover, it has an augmented reality with a slick design.

3. Another dual translate

Yandex Translator translates images, documents, and websites.
Another dual translate

This great online translator website supports 100 languages. It features predictive typing, transcription dictionary, pronunciation features. Surprisingly, it features an OCR that allows you to upload images. The photo translator makes it unique among most online translators.

The translator then picks up the text and translates it to the language that you prefer. You can also translate a website and documents. Simply enter the text or website address or document you want to translate and wait for the system to translate to your preferred language. You can choose among the 100 languages.

4. Deepl

A fast and accurate translator.

In this online translator, simply type your text on the left, and it will automatically detect your native language. The translation box on the right will instantly display the translated sentence. By default, it is English, but you can choose your target language, and for translated English language, it provides similar alternate sentences.

It supports 26 languages translation, with the sentence reading function below.

At the same time, you can upload Word and PowerPoint documents for translation. The appropriate text size is up to 10MB. If you opt for the pro version, you will need to pay. It is most ideal for business contract translation and offers secure data protection.  It is one of the best machine translators.

5. Translatedict

Offers free text to speech and voice input feature.

This is another ideal online translator that allows you to translate the foreign language to your native language. A great thing about Translatedict is that it offers free text to speech and voice translation options. You can then download audio in source and target languages.

Moreover, it offers translation for up to 50 languages. In addition, they offer proofreading and professional translation services of high quality. Simply upload your text on the left side, choose a language and click the Translate button. Amazingly, it shows the word count, and you can track whether your whole text was translated as needed.

6. Translate net

Offers machine human-expert translation.
Translate net

The translations are accurate, timely, and affordable. The translation tool gives you the freedom to choose your text to be translated by the machine or humans. The machine translation is free, unedited, and instant. However, for the human expert translation, it is edited by an expert, delivered in two hours, and costs $0.07 per word.

You can use it to translate the text of different fields. The professionals are well educated to ensure they translate your text in the best way possible: the online translator supports doc, pdf, and txt files. The machine translation offers translation into 90 languages, while the human translation is into 39 language pairs.

7. Babylon free online translation

Features an offline translation software.
Babylon online translator

This Babylon online translator caters to both private and corporate users. It offers different solutions to different needs. There are different pricing for the different translator versions. If you need a business online translator ,click on get a quote ,and one of the representatives will get back to you.

The free version offers a direct translation for anything that comes up on the screen. The enterprise solution offers data retrieval at a click with optional translation features. It supports over 75 languages with a simple swap option.

8. Prompt.One

Features context, text, conjugation, and declination capabilities.

This is another online translator that allows you to translate foreign text into any of your preferences. It supports over 20+ languages and 16 profiles. You can translate in contexts, choose a translation or topic. You can save translations, copy them and even report errors where need be.

9. Collins dictionary

Simple interface for word translation and English grammar check.
Collins dictionary

This is an online translator that allows you to translate your text for free. It supports over 30 languages and can translate up to 5000 character counts in an instance. You can even download the translation app for Android or iPhone. If you use the Collins dictionary to look for meanings, you might as well use the translator to convert text into your preferred language. It is powered by Microsoft. It is easy to access through search engines.

10. Imtranslator

Best comparison translation software.

This is an online translator that allows you to translate a wide variety of texts. You can either decide to translate through Google, Microsoft, or Prompt.One.  It allows you to compare your translated text.

Moreover, it provides an instant translation of words, phrases, and text in different languages. It also auto-detects the language used and translates to the preferred one.

You can use ImTranslator to get a simple translation, back translation, or comparison. The back translation feature translates the target text back to the original. It features special accent characters that include currency, math, and company symbols. You can use the buttons to copy-paste, use text to speech, or share the translation.

11. Spanishdict

The best English to Spanish translator.

If your greatest need is translating to Spanish, this is the best online translator for you. On the main page, you can paste the text that you want to translate in an instance. It includes some special characters to make the translation process easy. Click on the arrow to expand the text field. It allows you to translate into language pairs, from English to Spanish and Spanish to English. Another great feature is that you get definitions and examples for the translation.

12. Reverso

It offers neural machine translation for higher accuracy.

It allows you to enjoy accurate translation that is used by big enterprises and translation companies. Your original text is automatically revised with an integrated spell-checker. This results in higher-quality translation.

You get to hear how texts are pronounced by native speakers to improve your oral skills. You can use the integrated dictionaries to fine-tune the translation. Moreover, it features synonyms of the translations. It offers conjugate verbs in all modes and tenses in different languages.

13. Linguee

Intuitive online translator.

It is one of the best online translators that will never let you down. It has millions of reliable translations that have made discovering new cultures easier. You can download it and use it on your device without an internet connection. It will help to boost your language skills and make you the best.

14. Online translator

Online machine translation.
Online translator

It works in over 60 languages. The online translator uses pragma 6 that is one of the best online translators for accurate translations. Simply paste your texts and choose the language you want to translate them to. Remember to input the original language so that it can translate accurately.

15. Online doc translator

Translate documents instantly and deletes after an hour.
Online doc translator

This online doc translator is best for translating documents. Once you upload your documents and it gets translated, it gets deleted within one hour from when you uploaded. Hence, be assured of the privacy of your documents. You get an accurate output of your translated document. Even if you are not a native speaker of a certain language, you can understand it well after translation.


These online translators are ideal when you want to translate some foreign language into your native language. This goes for when you are in a new place, and you are not sure what certain terms mean. These online and offline translators will help you be in a better position.

You can either choose machine learning translation or human expert translation. You won't have any fear of bad translation that can change the meaning of the text. The accuracy rate of the translators is high to ensure you get the best machine translation.

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