12 Best Australian Proxies to Unblock Target Sites

Australian Proxy

An Australian proxy bypasses geo-blocks to access any data you need. You can get reliable Australian proxies with high network uptime, high performance, & great connection speeds from Webshare, ProxyEmpire, Proxyseller, Nimbleway, and other platforms.

An Australian proxy can be used to access geo-restricted content from the region, unblock websites, attain anonymity, market research, monitor & compare prices, prevent bot detection, create multiple social media accounts, and much more. Proxies and VPNs act similarly the same, however, a custom proxy can help meet your business or personal needs seamlessly.

If you are in Australia or traveled out of Australia and would want to access some content specialized for the region, a proxy would be perfect for that. There are many proxy providers available, however, you need to check the features to know whether a specific proxy will work best for you.

In this article, we will provide more insight on whether to get an Australian Proxy and why you should use it.

Importance of an Australian Proxy

Undoubtedly an Australian proxy can help you in a variety of ways.

1. Access Geo-restricted content

Through the Australian proxy, it will be easy to access any content restricted to only the population there. Therefore, if you have traveled you can use an Australian proxy to stream regional videos, view Australian-specific promotions, pricing, & inventory on an online store, test campaigns on social media, avail your tools and digital resources to users, and unblock Australian news, media, and classified ads.

2. Market Research

If you want to gain insights based on Australia only then using a proxy would be great. Since it is possible to use a proxy to target a specific region, city, or country you can do the research you want easily.

You can also use the rotating residential IPs to data extract content that will help you in your research.

3. Prevent bot detection

Some websites have bot detection and IP blocking mechanisms to prevent data scraping on their platform. However, with a proxy, it doesn’t overdo it and just makes a few requests that mimic human patterns. Therefore, you won’t be caught while accessing some content.

The best mode to succeed would be to stop using the same proxy IPs across sites, mix the different proxy types, use rotating Australian IPs, and use limited threads per proxy.

4. Optimize campaigns

You can utilize the Australian proxy to optimize digital campaigns and experiences. Therefore, you can limit which content needs to be shown to whom. Additionally, you can configure the Australian proxies to analyze how users interact with your app, display ads on Australian platforms, set campaigns on social media, etc.

Getting a reliable Australian proxy can be tedious with the wide variety of proxy providers. Luckily, we have narrowed down to the best 12 proxy providers for you.

1. Webshare

Webshare for Australian Proxy

You can access over 6100 Australian proxies from Webshare. You can opt to purchase a proxy server, dedicated proxy, or private proxy, the choice is yours! The Webshare proxies use the fastest servers with a dedicated network bandwidth.  Therefore, you are guaranteed 99% network uptime, 100Gbps, and round-the-clock monitoring.

You also get to enjoy a modern control panel with many features in each proxy plan. Additionally, with the Australian proxy, you can stream region-locked videos, test campaigns on Australian platforms, access tools & digital resources, unblock Australian news, media, ads, and much more.


  • Use the proxies to bypass geo-blocks, access restricted content, attain anonymity, etc.
  • Affordable pricing
  • Get to enjoy over 6K Australian proxies.
  • Wide variety of location support and coverage.
  • With every purchase, you get 10 proxies for free.

2. ProxyEmpire

ProxyEmpire for Australian Proxy

Whether you are in Australia or not, you can easily access Australian proxies from ProxyEmpire at affordable prices. The proxies will let you bypass any captchas or geo-restrictions, automate tasks, manage social media, gather data, web scrape, access restricted content, and even attain anonymity.

What makes ProxyEmpire more reliable is the fact that you have access to five types of proxies that you can use for business or personal needs. The proxies are available in over 170 countries with over 25M clean IPs that you can use to carry out your activities. Indeed, you will get a customized Australian experience.


  • Ethically sourced IPs
  • Wide range of location choices
  • High success rate
  • Flexible pricing

3. Squid Proxies

Squid Proxies for Australian Proxy

Squid Proxies is another well-known proxy provider where you can access different types of proxies such as private, custom, and shared. You can utilize the Australian proxy for e-commerce, gaming, search engine optimization, social media management, accessing videos, buying bulk sneakers, ticketing and even posting. It all depends on the business or personal needs that you have.

If you opt for the private proxies you will get a dedicated IP address that you will be the sole user. Ideally, all the benefits are yours.  The Australian proxies can be used on tools, desktop, and mobile devices. Luckily, you can make your payment using Bitcoin, credit cards, and PayPal.

If you decide to get the custom proxies they are specialized based on your requirements. If you choose the datacenter proxy server, you will get access to 1000mbps dedicated speed. Highly-efficient!


  • Get access to dedicated bandwidth and speed
  • Control over your IP and location
  • High success rates on your online activities.
  • Support of both HTTP and HTTPS web protocols
  • Reliable server with 99% network uptime.

4. Nimbleway

Nimbleway for Australian Proxy

Nimbleway is another reliable proxy provider where you can access the best proxies and scraping infrastructure. The A.I. modernized system makes the products and services worth using. Therefore, if you aren’t sure of a great proxy provider to consult, Nimbleway is a great option. The Nimbleway residential proxies can help you attain anonymity when partaking in any online activities. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about anyone tracking your online activities.

On the other hand, the unlocker proxy is ideal when you want to gather data from specific websites without getting detected. The Australian proxies will allow you to enjoy fast download speeds, low latency connection, and a highly functional user dashboard.


  • Wide range of proxy server location support
  • Reliable proxy provider
  • High performance of 99% with a request duration of 0.25 seconds.
  • It allows geo-targeting based on country, state, or city
  • Availability of unique IPs with each request.

5. Proxy –IPv4

Proxy –IPv4 for Australian Proxy

IPv4 is another credible platform where you can access the best Australian proxies. You can choose to get Proxy IPv4, Proxy IPv6, Proxy ISP, and mobile proxy. The diversity of the proxies is tailored to meet your personal or business needs. The choice is yours!

When making a purchase, you need to select your preferred country like Australia, Lease term, and number of pieces. The exclusive proxies will help you undertake your projects and tasks easily. The minimum lease time is 3 days, therefore, you can use the proxies on a long-term basis. Through individual requests, you will be able to enjoy stable quality connections. The pool of servers and IPs is regularly updated to ensure you have unique proxies to use to undertake your online activities.


  • Automatic order processing
  • Reliable customer support
  • Wide range of networks and subnets
  • Support of all websites and programs.

6. Proxy Cheap

Proxy Cheap for Australian Proxy

ProxyCheap is another highly functional platform where you can access Australian proxies at affordable prices. The proxies can be used for both personal and business needs. Therefore, if you want to undertake market research, price comparison, ad verification, and other purposes, you can utilize the Australian proxies.

Additionally, you can choose from different types such as static residential, datacentre IPv4, datacentre IPv6, rotating residential, mobile proxies, and much more. It all depends on what you want to use the proxy for. You will no longer have to face any geo-restricted content or not be able to access crucial content.

The Proxy cheap Australia proxy servers are well positioned to ensure you get the best performance, reliability, and robust security features. If you are in Australia or not around Australia, you can easily use the proxy to manage your social media presence and expand your reach.


  • Extensive pool of Australian IP addresses
  • Easily bypass geographical barriers, transfer large files, enhance online privacy, and conduct web data scraping easily.
  • Lightening fast connection speeds
  • 99% network uptime.

7. Proxy-Sale

Proxy-Sale for Australian Proxy

If you want easy access to Australian content, then Proxy-Sale will provide the perfect proxy for that.  You can get a specialized proxy based on the use you choose. Additionally, you get to enjoy a dedicated IP that is just user-specific, and you won’t have to share with anyone. Whenever you encounter a problem you can contact customer support to get the aid that you need.

Additionally, you will enjoy high anonymity and randomized subnet issuance. The proxies are also easy to configure therefore, you won’t have any problem after making a purchase. When you decide to use on-demand proxies you can get geo-targets by the parameters. However, if you choose rotating residential proxies, you can set a default country for all your ports. If you don’t find a proxy that suits you, you can choose a custom one.


  • HTTPS/HTTP/SOCKS5 support
  • 99% network uptime
  • Ultra-fast speeds
  • High success rate and global coverage
  • Unlimited sessions.

8. Shifter

Shifter for Australian Proxy

Shifter is a renowned company known for providing the best proxies. The proxies can help you with a wide variety of functions such as web data scraping, accessing Australian data if in a different region, attaining anonymity, and bypassing any blocks. Therefore, even if you are using a bot to purchase multiple sneakers, you won’t be noted.

You can also utilize the proxies to create multiple profiles to increase your chances of getting a match on dating platforms. Other supported countries include Germany, England, the USA, Russia, Australia, Canada, France, China, and other locations. You can use the proxies for ad verification, brand protection, comparative intelligence, data gathering, data integrity, sales intelligence, SEO monitoring, and talent sourcing.

The proxies are all residential therefore, you are assured that they will mimic human behavior and get a 100% success rate.


  • It features 1 Million Australian proxies
  • The residential Australia proxies are optimized for fast speeds
  • The large proxy pools are updated regularly

9. IPRoyal

IPRoyal for Australian Proxy

IPRoyal offers over 85,000 Australian proxy servers for better coverage. This gives you the diversity to choose either sticky residential proxies, rotating residential proxies, datacentre, sneaker, or static residential proxies. Through the proxies, you can access any data in Australia if far away, access geo-restricted content, unblock websites, use bots, attain anonymity, check prices in Australian regions, create & manage multiple social media accounts, and verify ads.

The Australian proxies will mask your real IP to ensure you attain online privacy without any issues. The high-performance IP Royal proxies will help you gather data from your targets even when there is some sort of restriction.


  • Use the Australian proxies to prohibit what your young one can access.
  • High connection speed
  • Reliable platform with affordable pricing
  • HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5 support
  • Access to a wide variety of online tools

10. Smartproxy

Smartproxy for Australian Proxy

Since the establishment of Smartproxy in 2018, it has grown to become one of the most reliable proxy providers around. It has over 500,000 IPs that you can use in Australia to access the data that you need, unblock data, verify ads, compare prices, test applications, etc. The list is endless.

Moreover, you will enjoy over 55 million residential and datacenterIPs, city-level targeting, flexible pricing, fast response time, a 99% success rate, and much more. Even if you are not sure of how to use the proxies, you can read the explanatory documentation to understand.

What makes Smartproxy stand out is the intuitive setup, reliable customer support, 195+ locations, industry-leading performance, easy self-service, and much more.


  • Experience unparalleled connection speeds using the data center proxies
  • Easily access thousands of unique IPs with a precise gateway
  • You can use the rotating residential IPs to have fresh connections.
  • Reliable customer support.

11. Soax

Soax for Australian Proxy

If in need of a credible proxy seller, you can trust Soax. It has a wide variety of location coverage that makes it easy for you to find reliable proxies for a specific region. You will get access to over 600,000 IPs in Australia, with over 190 million fresh IPs available worldwide. You can also use the proxy to target specific regions, cities, or carriers in Australia without any problem.

Additionally, you can utilize the datacenter proxies which offer high speeds, uptime & scalability for large-scale automation. Through the proxies, you will be able to access and gather publicly available data without any issues. The intuitive dashboard makes it easy to manage your proxies without any problem.


  • Wide range of proxy types such as residential, US ISP, mobile, and datacenter
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions
  • Easily adjust the proxy refresh rates to suit your needs
  • Automatic IP rotation

12. Oxylabs

Oxylabs for Australian Proxy

Oxylabs is another reliable platform that has Australian proxy servers. You can use the proxies for market research, data collection, attaining anonymity, reducing geo-restrictions, and accessing any content that you want.

You can utilize different types of proxies like residential, mobile, rotating ISP, shared data centers, dedicated data centers, and static residential proxies. Moreover, you can consider getting the Oxylabs proxy browser extensions that work with any proxy provider. You can use the proxies for e-commerce, cyber-security, brand protection, SERP monitoring, and travel & hospitality purposes.

Furthermore, you can use the dashboard to manage your proxy usage, check proxy usage statistics, manage sub-users, manage proxy subscriptions, and whitelist IPs. Through the Oxylab Australian programs, you can enjoy free-of-charge targeting, unlimited concurrent sessions, and single-back connect entry.


  • Wide range of proxy types
  • Easy integration with third-party software
  • Wide proxy server locations and 99% success rate.
  • Affordable pricing reliable network and a fast response time of 6 seconds.
  • You can opt for HTTP, fully featured HTTPS, or the SOCKS5 protocol.
  • Get access to a pool of 100 million IPs based on the package you choose.

Use an Australian Proxy to Access Any Restricted Content

An Australia proxy masks your IP and provides a new one that shows you are in a specific area. Therefore, if some news, content, or media is prohibited from being seen by outsiders, you will be able to access it. Additionally, you can restrict the content that specific users in the network can see, for example, if you have kids.

The proxies can boost your business when you target a specific city, country, or region, and gain more insights about it. The benefits of using a proxy are endless.

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