18 Best Twitch Viewer Bots to Boost Broadcast Studio

The Twitch viewer bots simulate and mimic real users on the live videos to increase viewer count. The bots make it seem as if real humans are watching the live Twitch streams. The Twitch viewer bots include Viewbots, StreamBot, Viewerboss, StreamChaos, etc.

Twitch viewer bots increase a stream’s viewer count and mimic real users to create popularity and engagement. This makes a Twitch channel have more concurrent viewers than it does. The bots simulate human viewers to seem as if they are real humans watching the live Twitch streams. By increasing your view count, more people will feel confident about your channel and even want to watch your videos.

Twitch Viewer bots can help simulate active views through increased chat activity, therefore, real viewers will feel confident participating in the chats. Furthermore, the more viewers an account has, the more potential there is to get in touch with a potential sponsor or advertiser. The Twitch recommendation algorithms consider the number of viewers, chat activity, and engagement to recommend videos. Therefore, you can reach a larger audience.

Here are some of the most trusted Twitch viewer bots that you can utilize to boost your stream account.

1. Viewbots


Viewbots tops our list as being one of the most popular, reliable, and stable Twitch viewer bots. When you use the bot, you will remain undetected, and you won’t need to make any downloads to utilize it. Through the Twitch viewer bot, you will be able to increase engagement, viewership, and growth of your channel.

Different types of Twitch bots include the view bot, follow bot, and chatbot. Through the view bot, you will enjoy anonymous viewers, full viewer list functionality, viewer delay, fluctuation monitoring, drip feed, and much more. The Twitch viewer bot is completely undetectable therefore, there is minimal chance of getting a ban while using the bots.

When you utilize the bot, the viewer's location will be seen as coming from the United States, Germany, France, the UK, Italy, etc. Ideally, the viewer bots will help to boost your channel and lead to the growth of your streams.

2. Streambot


If your popularity on Twitch is slowly decreasing, or you want to increase your viewership, using the Streambot will help you out. With an average amount of 2.4 million viewers in a day, you are assured that it is a great bot to use. Luckily you can use this stream bot on multiple Twitch channels without any issues.

Furthermore, its customization features make it easy to remove viewers' live or even set intervals. Just like Viewerbots, on Streambots, you won’t need to make any downloads and you will be able to use it on any device without any problem. Streambot has flexible pricing with a free trial that you can use to monitor how effective the bot is.

Through the bot, you will enjoy unlimited usage, multiple channels use, traffic origin information, join interval, viewer list, and realistic views. Unfortunately, there are some limitations based on the pricing package that you choose. Also, your privacy is guaranteed, and no information will be given out regarding your usage of the platform. Highly-efficient!

3. Twitch viewer bot Chrome extension

Twitch viewer bot Chrome extension

The Twitch view bot Chrome extension is a highly reliable tool that you can use to boost engagement, increase viewership, and boost your streams in real time. It is easy to utilize the extension as you simply need to add the extension to your browser, enter a Twitch stream URL, and generate a custom view bot code.

You can then use the Twitch viewer bot code to share your content with a large audience. This will help to increase your audience in real-time. It has a reasonable pricing therefore, you won’t dig too deep into your pockets.

4. Viewerboss


ViewerBoss is another remarkable viewer bot that you can use to boost your streams on Twitch. If your Twitch platform has been slowly deteriorating then using a viewer bot can help you get back on track. You will be able to increase your viewer count and ultimately increase your viewers on Twitch. Ultimately, you will get more traffic to your streams.

The Viewerboss Twitch viewer bot is completely undetectable, and you will be able to enjoy a high engagement rate, growth, and increase in stream viewers. The viewers utilize a real IP address that mimics human-like behavior to prevent any kind of detection.

You won’t even have the fear of getting banned. Luckily, Viewerboss utilizes advanced algorithms to simulate natural viewership growth.

5. Streamchaos


You can get access to Twitch viewer bots through Streamchaos. The bot will help to dispatch the right amount of viewers to your channel in real time. Luckily, through Streamchaos, there is no limitation on the number of channels on which you can use the bot.

Apart from the viewer bot, you can also utilize the Twitch chatbot and follower bot. You also get to enjoy unlimited usage of the bot without any kind of restriction. Luckily, all your information will remain private and won’t be sold to any third parties. Therefore, through the bots, it will be easy to disburse the viewers easily.

6. Somiibo Twitch bot

Somiibo Twitch bot

If you are looking for the perfect bot to grow your Twitch account, Somiibo is just right! Through the bot, you will be able to increase your Twitch followers and viewers. The bot mimics human activities, therefore, Twitch will think it is a real user navigating through the site rather than a bot.

With an increase in views, you will enjoy improved visibility, more organic views, expanded reach, enhanced credibility, and increased popularity. The viewer increase will look as natural as possible, therefore, you won’t have any worries about being seen as having fake viewers or getting any bans because of the increase in viewer count.

Also, high viewership messes with the algorithms making your content highly visible and shown to more people who will then want to watch your content.

7. StreamHax


StreamHax offers a safe Twitch viewer bot that can help to increase your engagement on the platform. It provides a seamless user experience that makes it easy for anyone. The reliable Twitch viewer bot services help you attain the number of viewers you need within no time.

Streamhax Twitch bots operate smoothly in any web browser.  The advanced technology also effectively bypasses any Twitch fingerprinting or bot detection system. You can trust the viewer bots from Streamhax and be assured that they won’t let you down at all. Instead, they will help you meet your Twitch needs and increase your viewer count.

8. Sidesmedia


Sidesmedia also offers a wide variety of services that you utilize to boost your Twitch account. Through the Twitch promotion service, you can buy Twitch channel viewers, buy Twitch video views, buy Twitch followers, buy Twitch live viewers, and buy Twitch live viewers (monthly). It all depends on the kind of social media boost that you need.

Getting more Twitch views will also help to enhance your visibility, increase your reach and promote engagement. By promoting your content, it will reach a larger audience who have an interest in your specific niche. Moreover, through targeted advertising campaigns and promotional strategies, your viewers will also increase. The more views you have the more people are likely to check out your Twitch videos.

9. MediaMister


MediaMister also offers a platform that you can utilize to buy Twitch views. You will enjoy real & organic views, boost engagement, and drive growth. You can either decide to purchase video views, live video views, clip views, or channel views.

MediaMister is among the most popular websites due to its credibility, reliability, and affordability. All the packages are suited for the end users to ensure your streams can get the attention that they need.

Ideally, you can choose the kind of service you need based on your needs. Whether you want to grow your followers, previous video views, or live views. The choice is yours!

10. Growthoid


Growthoid is another platform that you can utilize to get Twitch live viewers, Twitch views, Twitch channel views, and Twitch followers. Becoming famous on Twitch is a hard task and the more viewers you have, the more algorithms will boost your visibility, therefore, more people will be able to see your content.

However, you need to be at the forefront to ensure you provide great content that people will be excited to watch. Since even if you buy views, but you don’t have great content, you might not meet your target as needed.

Building a loyal Twitch channel community takes time therefore, you need to utilize ways that can help you to increase your viewership.

11. Get a Follower

Get a Follower

GetAFollower is another remarkable site where you can buy Twitch views if you don’t necessarily need a bot. Getting the views instantly works the same as a bot, since they will be provided timely, and you just need to choose the quantity for a specific interval.

What makes the GetAfollower platform stand out is that it allows you to choose live video views for one time, weekly, or monthly.  It all depends on your needs at the moment. Also, let's say you choose the weekly package, the views will be distributed equally during the week till they are finished.

You can also opt to get more followers on your account. The more followers you have, the more potential followers will have confidence in your channel and even follow you and engage with you. The prices are affordable, and you won’t break the bank to make your Twitch account grow.

12. Buyrealmedia


How far are you willing to go to grow your Twitch account? Well, with the Buyrealmedia platform, you can increase your live video views to give more confidence to other users to watch your videos. The process to escalate your audience reach is not that complex as you just need to select the Twitch view type and buy the package you want.

You can decide to purchase video views, live video views, clip views, or channel views.  The website is transparent, and you will be able to see other purchases made by other users and what they are currently thriving on.  The payment system is secure, and you get a 30-day-money back if you aren't satisfied with the service. However, you will love using the platform for sure.

You are assured of authentic Twitch viewers and reaching your targets within no time. The more engagement your video gets the more it will get shown to many more Twitch video viewers. Don’t be left out when growing your channel.

13. Boosthill


Boosthill is another remarkable platform where you can purchase Twitch viewers and chatters. Based on your budget, you can choose from as little as $7.99 – $299 based on the extent of the service. Also, if you choose the highest package, viewers and chatters will be added to an unlimited number of streams. Therefore, whenever you make any video you are assured of always getting views without any problem.

Not only does Boosthill support Twitch, but also TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, and much more. The choice is yours! The service is ideal for influencers, game streamers, podcasters, marketers, business owners, and content creators. However, there is no limitation on usage.

14. Useviral


Useviral is another well-credited platform where you can purchase Twitch views. What makes the platform highly preferred by people is the fact that after purchase, you are assured of fast delivery of the views based on the chosen package. Also, if you are a bit skeptical about your privacy, no one will know that you used the service instead, you will do your business anonymously.

In case you encounter any issues, customer service is always ready to help where it can. For as low as $10 you can get up to 100 live views. Just imagine how such a live viewer count like that can do to your Twitch video or Twitch channel cumulatively!

Additionally, you can opt to buy Twitch followers, channel views, and views per month. Once your videos seem to get the right engagement, they can even attract sponsors to your brand.

15. Twesocial


What kind of investment have you put into growing your Twitch account? Do you think the effort you are putting in is enough? Well, if you often livestream on Twitch and get a considerable amount of live viewers or would want to increase, then Twesocial is the perfect fit for you. Just the same way bots automate how you get live viewers, you can also get live views, live views monthly, views in your videos, channel views, and followers.

If people see that you have heavy traffic to your channel, they are more likely to check it out rather than if you didn’t have any traffic. Therefore, you can try to purchase live views once in a while. The regular discounts they offer, and great customer service make the platform preferred by many people.

16. Tokupgrade


Through TokUpgrade you can also purchase Twitch channel views, followers, live views, and views. Not only can you get services for Twitch but also TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Discord, Google, etc.

Through the increase in your live views, you are assured that your Twitch channel will grow continuously for months without stagnating. The more people see the popularity of your channel, the more they are likely to engage in the chat section, share your content, and view even your previous videos.

It has a similar interface to Twesocial and offers affordable pricing that will suit the different Twitch clientele. The payment system is also secure, and you shouldn't be afraid of any data breach or your privacy being exposed. No one will know the tactics you are using to grow your highly successful Twitch channel.

17. Social -Viral


Social Viral couldn’t miss the list due to its efficiency, credibility, and reliability. You can get any amount of Twitch live views you need within no time. You also get to enjoy quick service after you make any purchase from them, therefore, you won’t have to worry about losing out on anything.

Additionally, they use genuine accounts so you won't be seen as if you are using a bot or site to increase your view count. It’s a trustable company that you can also use to grow your other socials like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. It all depends on the growth you need. Getting more views will increase your visibility, boost your engagement, and enhance your overall growth. If you are struggling with your account, purchasing views would go a long way.

18. Followerspanda


Followerspanda also offers a platform where you can purchase Twitch video views. Regardless of whether you just want 100 views or even 1000, you can count on the platform. What makes the platform more remarkable is that you can easily pay with PayPal if you are afraid of making a purchase using your credit card. Additionally, from your dashboard, you can easily track your order.

With regular discounts, you are assured of getting the perfect Twitch viewers based on your current needs from a price of $5.1 to $97.75. When making any transactions through the platform your privacy will remain, and you won’t have to worry about being known to be using the platform.

Increase Your Viewer Count On Twitch

The Twitch viewer bots can play a huge role in increasing your viewer count. However, you still need to use the viewer bots responsibly and ethically to ensure you don’t get banned. The Twitch viewer bots should just be a temporary solution and not a long-term investment in growing your Twitch channel.

You should just use them sparingly and look for alternative ways in which you can increase your view count. You should use the Twitch viewer bots as a stepping stone to getting a loyal community of followers who enjoy your content. Additionally, you will be able to make your channel more popular and this will help ensure more people know about it.


Q. How do the Twitch viewer bots operate?

The View bots join Twitch live streams bringing the illusion of a larger audience. Due to this, more viewers are drawn into watching your stream.  The aim is to increase the viewer count or listener count on live streams.

Q. Do bots appear as Twitch viewers?

Yes, they appear as viewers and increase the live view count. Therefore, your stream will have live viewers. However, if detected your channel may be banned.

Q. Why should you buy a Twitch viewer bot?

Twitch viewer bots assure you of instant audience boost, enhanced visibility, promoted engagement, increased sponsorship opportunities, and credibility boost.

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