10 Best Twitch Viewer Bots for More Live Views! [Avoid Bans]

Best Twitch Viewer Bots

Are you looking for the best Twitch viewer bot to increase the view count of your streams and make them look more popular than they seem? Then you are on the right page as we would be recommending some of the top Twitch viewer bots in the market in the article below.

Some decades back, nobody thought playing games on your screen would be what you could do for a living and earn a reasonable amount of money from.  This is now a reality, and with the likes of Twitch, you can earn money by simply streaming yourself gaming and making money as others watch your streams.

While Twitch has been developed to make money while you do what you enjoy the most, the odds are not always in your favor as a new and unpopular user. This is because streamers on Twitch want to stream only gameplays that are already popular, and as a new user, you still haven’t developed a loyal fanbase yet.

What then should you do? While the organic way of growing an audience base is what some follow, others will want to follow the artificial route of using Twitch viewer bots to increase the number of views they get in a way to convince others to want to stream content from their channel.

When choosing a Twitch viewer bot to use, you have to be selective, as you can get your account suspended if you are caught using a Twitch viewer bot to inflate your view count. Sites like Socialgreg sells high quality Twitch views that guarantee your account won’t be taken down. Below are some of the top Twitch viewer bots in the market you can use to automate viewing of your Twitch.

1. ViewerApps

ViewerApps for twitch Overview

ViewApps is one of the view bots in the market with support for both YouTube and Twitch. If you are looking for a bot that will help you hype your channel and make it livelier than it is, then ViewerApps is the app for you to make use of.

This service has got a view bot for Twitch which does not only provide you with views but also does offer a chat feature whereby bot users will be dropping live comments in the chat area to make you look popular. When done right, you should start having real users engaging with your streams in no time.

With this bot, you can rank higher, get real viewers, and become popular enough to start monetizing your streams. However, you must know that once you start monetizing, you would have to stop using ViewerApps or another viewer bot as that will amount to nothing but a fraud.

2. Streamer Viewer Bot

Streamer Viewer Bot for twitch overview

The Streamer Viewer Bot is another service that can provide you with views. With this service, you will not have to deal with a view bot directly, as it will act as the intermediary between you and the bot. All you have to do is pay for the number of streams and views you want that will be delivered to you.

The service has got different packages you will be interested in. You can get hourly Twitch live views. You can also subscribe to their daily, weekly, and monthly package. The service is time-sensitive, and the views are provided within the time period.

One thing you will come to like about the Streamer Viewer Bot is the accounts and bot used to send the views are of high quality, making it difficult for anyone to detect you are making use of an artificial method to make your account look more popular than it is.

3. Streambot

Streambot for twitch Overview

Streambot is a web-based bot for increasing view counts on Twitch. You can use your favorite browser to access the bot. It does allow you to customize the location of the viewers of your channels/videos. You can customize the number of live viewers — between 0 – 100.

Also important is that you can remove a specific viewer at any given time. If you can be more engaged with this service, you can make things look more real to reduce the bot footprint you will leave. You can add multiple channels and manage them with no hassle.

Aside from a few limitations in place to help protect your account from a ban, there is a lot of freedom you enjoy using this bot.

4. ViewerBoss

ViewerBoss Viewer Bot for twitch overview

ViewerBoss is a full-fledged Twitch viewer bot that you can use to automate the marketing of your channel in other to get it popular. With this. Bot, you can automate views, and this will be done without being detected as the bot has been developed with human-like behavior in other to avoid detection as much as possible.

Its fine-tuned algorithm makes it safe as it does not get too aggressive enough to get your account banned. The bot is hosted on a super fast server, so you will not have to run it on your computer to get it to work.

To help separate the views of each account that will be used to send you views, ViewerBoss makes use of residential IP addresses, which are difficult to detect. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use, even for first-time users. It is beautiful and gives you some control via the setting options.

5. GetAFollower

GetAFollower for twitch Overview

If you have been purchasing social media engagements for a while now, there is a high chance you must have heard of the GetAFollower. This service offers engagement for users across many social media platforms. GetAFollower does support Twitch.

From this service, you can buy both views and Followers for your channel. With GetAFollower, you have a good number of options when it comes to purchasing views. You can choose to buy ideas for videos, live videos, clips, and even the whole channel. Whichever you choose, the GetAFollower services will get the followers delivered to you.

I must stress that when purchasing views, you can be tempted to purchase too many views at once. However, the fewer views you buy, the easier it is for you to evade detection and subsequent ban from the platform as a new user.

6. BoostHill

BoostHill for twitch Overview

The BoostHill service is one of the best services that can provide you with Twitcher viewers. This service was set up to provide engagements for social media marketers. For its support for Twitch, what you get is not only views; you can also buy other forms of engagement such as chatters, and live viewers, among others. You can also buy channel followers that look real to many.

However, regardless of how real they look, you need to know that this service uses a bot under the hood, and as such, you should be more moderate in your approach to its usage to avoid getting blocked. One advantage this service has is that it offers a good number of engagement types, which can make things look more natural on your end.

7. UseViral

UseViral for twitch Overview

The UseViral service is arguably one of the best services you can buy social media engagements from. The service does offer a Twitch viewing service which you can use to increase the view count of your Twitch videos. One thing you will like with the UseViral service is that the views are delivered instantly as you pay for them. While that is a plus, it also puts you at ask of you losing them. For this reason, the UseViral does have support for a refill.

With this, the service monitors your video to see if the added view has been removed. If that happens, the service sends in the number of views removed at no extra cost to you. Pricing for this service is quite affordable, and you can get started with as little as $3 for 500 views.

8. SidesMedia

SidesMedia for twitch Overview

The SidesMedia website is another place you can buy Twitch viewers from. Accepted, unlike the first few services that offer you bots, SidesMedia and its likes, such as UseViral and GetAFollower, do not provide your bots. Instead, you get delivered the number of views you want.

This takes away the headache associated with dealing with hundreds and thousands of accounts if you were to make use of a bot yourself. The SideMedia site offers some of the best bot viewers. As with other services of its kind, it will want you to believe the views are from real users, but in reality, a bot is behind the views.

However, the quality of the views is high, and delivery is not instant. The views are delivered slowly, thereby increasing the chances of the views being seen as real — this will reduce the number of views removed at the end of the day.

9. FollowersUP

FollowersUP for twitch Overview

Do you want to increase your Twitch channel views or the views on specific videos on your channel? Whichever is the case, the FollowersUP is the service for you. This website provides engagements for most social media platforms on the Internet. It might interest you to know that FollowerUP does provide followers too. This means that from this service, you can buy views for channels and videos, as well as followers for the channel.

As with the others, the accounts used by this service are being booted, and as such, you should not expect any form of engagement from the accounts that follow you or view your Twitch channel or video after the ones you paid for have been delivered. The pricing is dead cheap, and you can get started with this service for $2.

10. Media Mister

Media Mister for twitch Overview

There is hardly any social engagement service or promotion service that has support for the number of social media platforms as the Media Mister does. Twitch is one of the social media platforms supported by the Media Mister website. From this service, you are not given a bot to use. Instead, you are provided with the views and followers you paid for. For the views, you can either buy regular video views, live video views, channel views, and clip views.

The service supports granular control, allowing you to choose the time duration for the video watch — usually between 10 minutes to 240 minutes. You buy between 100 to 1000 views. This is a sweet point, and anything outside of this for a new user could raise suspicion. Media Mister allows you to choose between making a one-time purchase or a recurring purchase.


Q. What is a Twitch Viewer Bot?

Twitch viewer bots are computer programs developed to automate the viewing of Twitch channels and videos to artificially increase view counts. This bot is used by new or unpopular users that want to quickly get some form of social proof, as many Twitch users will not want to interact with an account that does not have some level of engagement. Either a Twitch bot or promotion service that uses a bot cannot replace real engagements, and that is what you should focus your energy on.

Generally, using a Twitch bot in itself is not bad. All it does is manage and automate accounts. However, regarding the legality of their usage, the answer depends on what you use the bot for. If you only use it to gain social proof so real users will be interested in streaming your channel content, then it is legal. However, if what you need a bot for is to commit ad fraud by using the views to either claim revenue or proof to advertisers that you are popular enough, then it becomes an illegal thing to do.

Q. Do you Need Twitch Accounts to Use Twitch Viewer Bots?

Twitch views can’t be delivered without an account. If you are using a bare bot, then you will need to own the account and then automate them to view your videos of interest on Twitch. However, you do not have to as managing accounts can be time-consuming. If you do not want to deal with the management of multiple accounts, you can simply use one of the promotional services described above that will just provide you views.


As a way to conclude this article, you need to know that bots cannot replace real human engagement on Twitch. For you to really succeed on the platform, you need real human engagement and that can take time for most users — it is completely normal. Bots for viewing Twitch videos/ channels are just to provide some form of social proof and not the end goal else, your channel will just be a ghost town.

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