8 Ways to Fixed OneNote Not Syncing [Get Connected]

OneNote Not Syncing

Microsoft One Note is one of the best apps designed for taking notes, compiling research data, and organizing information that you’ll regularly need. What makes it more convenient is that it works virtually everywhere across different devices.

To ensure that you can effortlessly access your files, OneNote syncs notes, files, and data and then stores them in the cloud using OneDrive.

However, sometimes OneDrive might run into problems preventing it from working as expected. Therefore, if your OneNote is not syncing, there are a few things you can try to restore your connection.

Connection error of OneNote

OneNote might stop syncing because of various reasons. It could be because of your internet connection, having several people working on a notebook, file corruption, or when working on the same notebook from different devices. Whatever the reason, here is what you can do to restore your connection when OneNote doesn’t sync.

1. Check the OneNote Service Status

Check the OneNote Service Status

Before diving into trying to fix the OneNote won't sync problem, you should first check whether it is a server-side problem. OneNote could be down, making it unable to work as expected. Therefore, you can start by opening OneNote Online and checking if everything is updated.

If that’s not the case, you can visit the Office Service Status page on your browser. If you find any problems listed next to Office for the web (Consumer), there is nothing you can do other than wait for Microsoft to fix the issue.

In most cases, your app is experiencing server-side problems if you see the error codes 0xE000078B and 0xE4020040 in OneNote.

2. Force-Sync OneNote

If you receive the 0xE000002E error code when OneNote fails to sync, you can try fixing the issue by force syncing your data. This problem also happens when you share OneNote with other people. Therefore, when you realize that a section of OneNote is not syncing, you can manually sync it. All you have to do is:

Step 1: Right-click on the problematic notebook. Select Sync.

Step 2: Then click on Sync This Notebook

Sync This Notebook

3. Reset the sync connection

If you’re having issues with the application, reopening a notebook could fix the sync problem by resetting the sync connection. You can do this by:

Step 1: In OneNote, right-click the notebook and select Close This Notebook

Close This Notebook

Step 2: Sign in to OneNote Online

Step 3: Select the notebook

Select the notebook

Step 4: Choose the Open in Desktop App option on the OneNote Online. This will reopen the notebook in OneNote for Windows or Microsoft 365.

Open in Desktop App

After completing these steps, the sync connection will reset, and your notebook should start syncing again.

4. Check OneNote’s Sync Settings

Sometimes notebooks would not sync because you’ve set OneNote to sync them manually. Therefore, you can set OneNote to sync automatically to ensure you have the latest version of your notebooks. Depending on your OneNote, you can set it up to sync automatically by:

OneNote for Windows 10

Step 1: Open the OneNote desktop app

OneNote desktop app

Step 2: On the OneNote window, click on the three dots at the left corner

Step 3: Select Settings

Select Settings of Onenote

Step 4: Click on Options

Click on Options of OneNote

Step 5: Toggle on the switches under Sync notebooks automatically and Download all files and images.

Sync notebooks automatically

OneNote for Microsoft 365

Step 1: Click on File to open the OneNote’s File menu

OneNote for Microsoft 365 View

Step 2: Select Options

OneNote for Microsoft 365 Options

Step 3: Click on Sync on the Options sidebar.

Step 4: Check the boxes next to Sync notebooks automatically and Download all files and images

Sync notebooks automatically and Download all files and images

5. Check your OneDrive storage space

Check your OneDrive storage space

The OneNote sync error can also be caused by a lack of enough storage space. If you have a OneNote not syncing problem with the error code 0xE00015E0, you do not have enough space, or your notebook is too large to sync. You can solve this problem by optimizing your files or deleting unnecessary files. Here are ways you can remove this error:

Optimizing files

This involves optimizing the space occupied by the synced files. This helps in fixing sync issues caused by overly large storage files.

To optimize files size:

Step 1: Open OneNote and click on File, then select Options

Open OneNote and click on File

Step 2: In the pop-up window, click on Save & Backup

Click on Save & Backup

Step 3: Under the Optimizing files section, click on Optimize All Files Now

Wait for the optimization process to complete, which could take some time.

Reduce automatic backups

Automatically backing up existing backups will consume a lot of space that can be occupied by new ones. This will prevent your OneNote from syncing. Therefore, you can reduce automatic backups to save more space.

Step 1: In the Save & back up window, look for the Backup section

Save & back up window

Step 2: Next to the Number of backup copies to keep, adjust the number of copies depending on the available space

Step 3: Click on Ok to save the changes.

Click on Ok to save the changes

Remove unnecessary backups

Alternatively, you can remove unnecessary backups eating up too much of your space. To do this:

Step 1: Press Windows + R to open the Run command

Step 2: Type in %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneNote\ and click Ok to continue.

Run command by Location Note

Step 3: In the pop-up window, click the folder that corresponds to the version number installed.

Step 4: Choose the Backup folder. You can then delete the backed-up files.

Choose the Backup folder

Delete the versions history

You can also delete the versions history to solve OneNote not syncing problem by:

Step 1: Choose the History tab

Step 2: Select Page Versions.

Step 3: Click on Delete All Versions in Notebook.

All Versions in Notebook

6. Copy pages to a new section and sync

If you are having problems with a specific notebook section, you can try copying the pages to a new section and then delete the problematic section. This may help solve the issue, especially when you have the 0xE000005E error code. You can do this by:

Step 1: Launch OneNote, and in the main menu, select create a new section

Step 2: Add a descriptive name to the section

Descriptive name

Step 3: Move to the section with the sync problem, right-click on each page and select the Move or Copy option

Move or Copy option of NoteBook

Step 4: Select the new section as the destination and click copy

Destination and click copy of NoteBook

After copying all the notes to the new section, you can delete the old section with the sync error. Hopefully, OneNote will now sync automatically.

7. Update OneNote to the latest version

Update OneNote to the latest version

If you’re still facing OneNote sync issues, it could be that you are using an outdated version of the app. Updating OneNote to the latest version could solve this problem by fixing existing bugs and making it more secure. When you receive the error code 0xE40105F9, it’s time to update your OneNote.

OneNote for Windows

Since OneNote is a Windows app, you can update it from the Windows store. To update one note:

Step 1: Go to the Start menu and select the Microsoft Store

Microsoft window view of NoteBook

Step 2: Click on the three dots to open the More menu.

Step 3: Select Downloads and updates

Downloads and updates of one Note APP

Step 4: Then Select Get Updates

Step 5: This will update all the Microsoft-related apps, including OneNote

OneNote for Microsoft 365

This method also works if you want to update OneNote through the application.

Step 1: Click on the File option

Step 2: Select Account

Step 3: Then select the Update Options

Step 4: Click on Update Now

Update Now for NoteBook

8. Restore or delete items from the OneNote Recycle bin

Sometimes deleting notes or sections may cause syncing problems. To resolve the issue, you can delete the sections from the recycle bin or restore them until OneNote re-establishes its connections. If you choose to restore them, you can permanently delete them after the issue is resolved.

OneNote for Windows 10

Step 1: Select the View tab

Step 2: Select Deleted Notes

Deleted Notes of NoteBook

Step 3: Then choose View Deleted Notes

Step 4: Right-click on a section or page and select Restore to

Restore to NoteBook

Step 5: You can then pick the original notebook or section and select Restore

Original notebook or section

Step 6: Repeat the above steps for any other sections or pages

Step 7: You can force-sync OneNote and delete the restored sections and pages.

OneNote for Microsoft 365

Step 1: Select the History tab

Step 2: Click on Notebook Recycle Bin, then select Notebook Recycle Bin again.

Notebook Recycle Bin

Step 3: Right-click on the section or page, then select Move or Copy

Select Move or Copy of NoteBook

Step 4: Select the original notebook or selection and click on Move

Select the original notebook

Step 5: Repeat for any other sections or pages in the OneNote Recycle Bin and force-sync

Step 6: You can then delete the restored sections and pages again.


Whenever you have a problem with OneNote not syncing, feel free to refer to the above guide to fix the issue. The above fixes will also significantly improve the performance of your problematic OneNote. You should also ensure that you’re always running the latest OneNote version to avoid further complications.

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